Where to Create & Sell NFT's (Marketplace Overview)

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Where to Sell & Buy NFTs From*

Today's info letter will be dedicated to #NFT artists and general vendors who are looking to flip, sell or buy art/collectibles.

  1. Viv3 - https://viv3.com/
  2. Unifty - https://unifty.io/
  3. Atomichub - https://wax.atomichub.io/
  4. AreaX NFT - https://areaxnft.com/
  5. Ghost Market - https://ghostmarket.io/assets/r219/
  6. Simple Market - https://eos.simplemarket.io/
  7. NFT Showroom - https://nftshowroom.com/?r=ligerwoods
  8. Opensea - https://opensea.io/
  9. CNFT - https://www.cnft.io/ (Release soon)
  10. Unstoppable Domains - https://bit.ly/3ruZxY9

Please understand that there are risks involved that you may not be able to sell your assets on marketplaces (Sales are not guarantees). Also, I want to add there will be lot more marketplaces popping up during the next 3 months so expect a lot of platforms to follow suit and more NFT bridges being built.

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