70% of token supply burnt this week and two new Sirocco Benders

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My holidays are nearing their end and tomorrow I will travel back to Switzerland. I feel well rested and hopefully I will feel the same once I arrive home.

70% of the weekly LEN supply burnt

Every week 1008 new LEN tokens are minted by the LENM miners. This week we have managed to burn 70% of this supply. We have achieved that mainly thanks to the additional income that we have managed to generate through the Liotes Witness that was quite often in the top 20. We try to keep the supply as low as possible in an organic way. Our final target would be to burn every week the whole supply of newly minted LEN tokens.

Two new Sirocco Benders

I have updated the Liotes Ranking. When I do that, I check the staked LENM, the delegated Hive Power to liotes.voter and also the participation in the last mission. Today I am happy to welcome two new Sirocco Benders: @jfang003 and @horstman5. After @pixiepost and @seckorama these are the third and fourth members in this exclusive circle. Congratulations! In addition to slightly higher upvotes from our curation trails, they also get 20 LEN tokens bonus.

The numbers of this week

Liotes weekly25.07.22.jpg


A project run by @ph1102 and @achim03



Congrats! Hope I become a Wind Maker soon.
Have a great day.

You are close to getting there! Thanks for being part of the family!

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OwO burnt token is increasing to 700... nice 👍and congrats to 2 new Sirocco benders 🎉

It will be awesome when we reach 1000 tokens and buy them with Liotes' earnings... ;)

Congrats to the high achievers! On my way to be a Wind Maker! Hehe!

You are close! Keep pushing! :)

Great news to the project!


They are! Happy to see so many great people go up in rankings!

Yay! Thanks so much. I’m excited to finely make it in. Congrats to jfang as well. !LUV

Congratulations once again! Well deserved!
Thanks for your continuous support to our project!

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Appreciate the support!

Wow!! Congratulations to @jfang003 & @horstman5. You made it in our exclusive circle. Great job. I am looking forward to seeing the Sirocco Benders grow & know it will.🤗💚

It makes me happy to see the steady growth in this community. It shows our perseverance & that we have no limitations. So, reach for the planets. You all got this! 🙌 Thanks for the updates @achim03 😄


It makes me happy to see the steady growth in this community. It shows our perseverance & that we have no limitations. So, reach for the planets. You all got this! 🙌

I couldn't agree more... It's nice to see that people have recognized the real value of Liotes and teamwork!

congrats to @jfang003 and @horstman5. Well done guys!!

Well deserved! These guys are here with us from the beginning and are very active members of the community!

There will be a little less wind produced, but we wish them well on their new level. !CTP

70% is a very big percentage of supply burned this week, but when I see the daily graph in Hive-Engine it has no effect of token burned this week, it is same again. I feel that trading volume is either too low or burning just helped you to maintain the same price all along.

Anyway, you guys know better on that thing how to keep it sustainable and rewarding.

I miss Achim's podcast, I hope we'll see one soon. thanks friends.


You are right... our H-E chart is flat, but people do sell LEN tokens, which in these days is a kind of success... I mean, to keep the price stable while people are selling tokens... Anyways, the LEN token is very different from others in Hive-Engine and we are proud of its stability when all others are crashing...

We will soon come back from our vacations and hopefully, you will see a lot more of Achim and Liotes... :)

Congrats to New Sirocco Benders @jfang003 and @horstman5 😎👍🍻

Thanks in their name!!

Congratulations @jfang003 and @horstman5 on becoming Sirocco Benders. Project is looking great. Keep up the great work. Take care.


Thanks for all your support in the name of these two guys and Liotes!

Thank you and I didn't really expect to reach the Sirocco Bender level. I'll make sure to use those LEN to convert into LENM eventually to boost up my own stake.

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You are welcome.. and you don't have to thanks us as you did it with your effort and stake!

congrats to @jfang003 and @horstman5.

@achim03, good to hear that you had a good holidays and had good rest. Have a nice journey back to the land of swiss knife and chocolates :-).


During the trip back, @achim03 is cutting his chocolate with a swiss knife... 😂

I don't even own a swiss knife lol and I'm no big fan of chocolate.. What a bad Swiss lolol

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