A new Wind Maker and other News

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We are happy to welcome a new person in the Wind Maker family! Congrats to @steem82868 for having reached this title. He will get 5 LEN tokens as bonus and also slightly higher upvotes from our curation trails.

As you might have realized, we had some troubles regarding our curation trails this week. We are sorry about that. Check the video to know what is the reason for our troubles...


A project run by @ph1102 and @achim03


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Congratulations to @steem82868 for the achievement.
I continue to increase my delegations to achieve this as well.

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I continue to increase my delegations to achieve this as well.

That's a very good plan ;-)

Congrats to the new Wind Maker @steem82868! !LUV

One more to join the fun ;-)

Thank you!

I thought Zoltan was a bit quiet. Quick recovery to him! I'm pretty sure you are quite overwhelmed all by yourself.

Well, until today my kids were still on holidays so I had quite a lot of time :-)

Congrats to the new wind maker 🎉🎉 Welcome to the higher title :3

Go for it~ Problems are never gone for good, but we can make the solver of today's problem an experience for the future 👍

Solving problems shapes us to be stronger in the future ;-)

Yay! Congratulations @steem82868! Great work. Liotes keeps growing day by day! :)

Much love & healing pixie dust to @ph1102. It always sucks being sick, but when on vacation, it is worse! @achim03 please reach out if you need help with anything!

Keep up the awesome work & vibes, everyone! Let's keep growing & supporting. Remember to share & see who else may like to be a part of this community as well! 🙌✨🧡


Thank you!
Let's keep growing & supporting.great.

You're welcome!! Absolutely - let's do this! :)


Thanks a lot for asking @pixiepost. It seems @ph1102 is getting better and he could already take some tasks again :-)

Congratulations to @steem82868 as new windmaker!

Hope that Zoltan gets better soon!

Great update, that is awesome work with powering up the HP on the Liotes account!!

Thanks for your kind feed-back!

Thanks for your great work! It is an awesome project supporting the community! 😎👍

Congratulations to @steem82868 for becoming Wind Maker. Hopefully he gets better soon. Great progress for the Fund. Keep up the great work. Take care.

Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by!

First of all congratulation @steem82868 for achieving the big rank.

Do you think your pool has any impermanent loss due to high volume sell that's why it decreases to $400 from $500.

I wish you all the best to make place in top 10 and we keep enjoying liotes program.

Have a great day and lots of prayers for Zolton's health and wellness.


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Thanks for your wishes...

Do you think your pool has any impermanent loss due to high volume sell that's why it decreases to $400 from $500.

If you think at our LEN-LENM pool, the USD difference comes from HIVE fluctuations as both of our tokens are stable (indexed in HIVE) for a couple of months...

Impermanent loss happens when you have big fluctuations between assets inside the pool and currently, there is no such fluctuation in the LEN-LENM pair...

I hope that this reply didn't confuse you even more... :)

I was thinking of all the pools as achim03 said, but I've got it now, it was a timely fluctuation as we were seeing Hive making a progressive upside move. I think this reduction could temporary as well.

Impermanent loss may happen because of sudden demand of a token where liquidity keeps selling token in demand and fill up other side with paired token.

haha no no it's a fine response.


We have positions in about 5 different pools and if for example one token takes a big dip, it's possible that it translates in overall lower value of our positions.

I've got it as Zolton explained, we should blame the price action here. 😁

Thanks and have a lovely day.


Congrats @steem82868 🎉 Hopefully I can slowly make my way up to where you are now ... one day 🤣

One step at a time ;-)

Congratulations @steem82868 ! I hope to be able to celebrate this achievement soon too! I'm new to the project but I'm going to start my delegations today to start walking this path!
And congratulations to the creators of the project for its excellent performance and efficiency. The project is getting better every day with excellent engagement and growing every day!

Thank you!

I'm new to the project but I'm going to start my delegations today to start walking this path!

That's great to hear. Welcome to the Liotes project!

Congrats to the new Wind Maker!
Thanks for the upvotes as always!

You are welcome and thanks for your support!

Thank you!
I'm excited to be Wind Makers, 5 LEN token reward is great.

Congrats on your promotion ;-). You should have recieved the 5 LEN tokens.

Thank you! I have received 5 LEN tokens.

I hope Zoltan gets better soon and it sounds like the HE witness is a tough decision. I think Zoltan does have a decent amount of WORKERBEEs from running his pool though.

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The workerbee pool helps us to get close to being in top 20.

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