Good Luck today USA // Election 2020

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Outside the elections in my country, this years US presidential election was the one i followed most in my life. Not only because of my time spent living in USA but because i feel this election is one with the most importance on a global scale so far.

In the past i have been disgusted with the US foreign policy and its destructive behavior. Then Trump came to power and what i saw from his actions was:

"Why the fuck would i send our kids to kill other people kids overseas? There must be a better way."

Everyone knows the US can bomb the shit out of half the planet but it also has so much influence and $$$ so it doesnt have to.
As much as the US has been the world police in the past it has also been a destabilizing factor in the world.
Career politicians elected in the past all followed a similar pattern which i never understood.

We will bring democracy to the world! Freeedom!

Thats all a crack of shit. Some people dont want freedom. You think Russians want a democratic election? Do you think muslim extremists care about democracy? 1 in 4 muslims in Britain condone the Charlie Hebdo killings. How high do you think that number is in muslim countries?

The US never understood that there was a huge cultural divide between the west and east and we simply did not share the same values.

Leave them the fuck alone and keep them as far away as you can. That was always my moto.
Some say it was about oil? Oil? Didnt i hear that US is energy independent atm? If you can be energy independent how fucking stupid was it to send your people to die in foreign land, destroy millions of lives, waste so much money.

In early December 2018, it was reported that the US had turned into a net exporter of oil "last week", thus breaking nearly 75 continuous years of dependence on foreign oil.


Looking at Biden/Harris duo it is a scary thought. Biden is a senile old corrupt fart that wont make it 8 years and probably not even 4. If they win Harris will be the first female president.
Now, according to her latest viral tweet about equality of outcome shes either very stupid and had no idea what she said or she just outed herself as a marxist.
Either way, shes a bad choice.

Those that have the right to vote this year dont only vote for what happens in the US but their vote will also have an effect on the world.
I know bad orange man tweets are bad but pls disregard that and vote for world peace. COVID was bad enough, lets at least have 4 more years without invasions and stupid wars.

My guess, if Trump loses BTC goes down 5% :)


@lordbutterfly, In my opinion not just impact on Global Scale this Election is trending also because of Biblical Discussions and Predictions too. Stay blessed.

If Trump looses you can bet your ass that they will try to continue right with Obummer left off: bankrupting the US Inc and handing it over to his overlord, Rothschild, I imagine we will see a lot of "terrorism" and "global warming/climate change" measures going up. How many false flags did they pull with obummer? wonder why it's been so peaceful these last 4 years.....