Here come the conspiracies. ๐Ÿ˜ FTX

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Whenever something bad happens. When theres bad actors doing bad stuff it cant be just that theyre bad, there must be something deeper.
When something is revealed its no longer enough for some people because everyone knows it.
If its public knowledge then there is no secret knowledge to be had for these people to feel special.

So lets take a look at some conspiracies that popped up basically inside 2 days of the FTX crash.
I find this always hilarious as these people consider themselves so brilliant that they uncovered the conspiracy of the decade 15 minutes after they learned that Sam is a baddie. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Sam Bankman is a pedophile.


A tweet by some random ETH kook claiming that Sam Bankman is involved in child abuse because triangles and circles. Yes, triangles and circles, because pedophiles want you to know they abuse children.
Its quite amazing really how easy it is for people to make such outlandish accusations because there are those willing to believe it.
I guess its what made people like David Icke so popular at the time:

If you dislike George Bush you might laugh at his bad speeches and oppose his politics but if you really hate him you might be willing to believe hes a Illuminati lizard that drinks virgin blood.

And once someone is actually found to be a pedophile in the elite circles because pedophiles do exist in all circles, they will point and say: "See, told you, we were right. Conspiracies are true."
Yes, youre a master statistician.

  • It was WEF and the UN.


Apparently there are some connections between Carolines father to the SEC and FTX promoted with the WEF so conspiracy kooks think that somehow FTX is being used as a Trojan horse to infiltrate the 85 year old Klaus Schwab into crypto to ruin it. ๐Ÿ˜…
Now, to make it clear, what WEF is pushing I find stupid and disagree with it, but I also disagree with a lot of dumb stuff the other 1000s of economic groups and interest groups are pushing.

FTX was a major failure but you cant tell me that FTX is any different than hundreds of other centralized exchanges that lie about their reserves, use their customer funds without their permission, manipulate 90%+ of their trading volume, charge insane listing fees, steal and cheat.

People form connections, powerful people form powerful connections. Government people form connections, crypto people form connections. Nepotism, favoritism is as old as the human race.

Have you ever wondered why you dont see #Coinbase, #Binance, #FTX investing in any Hive assets or Hive itself while Hive being the absolute pinnacle of what crypto promises the masses?
Because Hive has no core power structure, its decentralized, theres no one to form a connection with, to offer a "Quid pro quo", divide the pie.
What are they going to do? DM Blocktrades, Freedom? They own single digit percent of the Hive tokens. What can they promise them. Nothing.

But Sam and CZ can form a connection. Coinbase with the centrally owned crap they push. Bitfinex, Binance, etc. They can assume control over those chains and projects and profit.

  • Democrats and Ukraine did it.


So apparently FTX set up a donation website for Ukraine where people would donate crypto and FTX would pay fiat to Ukraine. Since Ukraine is at war they have explored all kinds of donation strategies. I mean some of you probably know all the different ways you can donate money, some crazy like paying to sign a Ukrainian rocket with any message you want and they will shoot it at the Russians.

Setting up a donation website with, what was at the time a respected crypto exchange is nothing but entirely expected.

That, ofc, as conspiracy nuts do, flipped into stupid shit like this:

Claims that US tax dollars are sent to Ukraine and then Ukraine sends FTX that money for them to give it to democrats. The source for this is a tweet. Not any insider, not any investigation (I mean what investigation, FTX failed days ago), a tweet by those that claim to stand for truth and freedom. ๐Ÿ˜‚
When people are willing to believe stupid shit on the claim itself, no investigation is necessary. And these people will go on believing this throughout their life.
Is there corruption? Are there conspiracies to steal money? Of course there are. But you find the evidence of it and you publish it. You dont make the claim for something and just go on that.
There is a huge difference between wikileaks, Snowden and Alex Jones and David Icke.

I have seen this happening for years and that fact will never cease to amaze me.
It is not that all conspiracy theories are false, it is that this way of thinking assumes a conclusion without valid evidence and when inevitably something comes up as being true, the guess made by conspiracy nuts is somehow validated, while completely forgetting it was nothing more but an unsubstantiated guess.

Let me know if you picked up any other nonsense.

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We need single chain decentralized exchanges, multichain decentralized exchanges and/or use multisignature multi-user (client + exchange ) addresses in centralized exchanges everywhere. I have to go through a CEx to cash in or cash out of crypto. Ideally we should have places to buy directly like the old Bitcoin Store or even the local corner stores.

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One the other side, we've seen stranger things


Definitely. :)

untitled.gif beauty comes from inside

They say life is Stranger Than fiction. So who knows. Anything could be reality

Call me Neo. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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