Justin Savior Sun // The fall of FTX

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Its really hard to write this post seeing his face on the right side of the screen in the preview section on Peakd.
Nowadays it seems that no fuckery goes by without Justin being involved in some way.
Some of you may have heard about Justins involvement in the FTX tragedy but might not know what hes doing exactly.

The situation right now.

  1. "All" deposits and withdrawals are locked on FTX except for TRX.
  2. FTX does not have its users tokens to cover withdrawals but is getting TRX from Justin.

What Justin is doing is injecting TRX into FTX and Bankman is allowing TRX to be the only token that can be withdrawn out of FTX.
Because of that TRX on FTX is trading at 6x the external price.

Screenshot (658).png

Screenshot (659).png

Apparently Justin Sun made a deal with Sam Bankman-Fried behind the scenes, possibly for a stake in FTX if it survives. A great deal for Sam but a horrible deal for FTX users.
What this essentially means for the users is that they are using their "on the books" FTX funds to purchase TRX at 6 times the market price. Just to save something they take a massive loss.

For $100 dollars they had on FTX what they receive on the open market is approx. $18 dollars right now.

When I say its a great deal for Sam, it is. If we put aside the questionable legality of the situation. What Sam thinks hes doing with this is basically getting rid of FTX customers, getting them off his books for a fraction of the money he owes them thinking that when lawsuits start coming in, these guys wont be able to sue as he provided the service he was supposed to and doesnt owe them anything.
Justin will present this as if hes actually helping FTX users while it very much seems hes just saving Sam for an undisclosed deal.

A fun sidestory:

It seems some whales actually bribed FTX employees to KYC them and allow for their withdrawals while no one else could. Apparently one guy even advertised in Telegram that they can take out funds and have been purchasing tokens for 10 cents on a dollar from regular users. They even bragged about it on Twitter.



The guy offering to buy FTX balances in the second screenshot is apparently Algods partner. I cant confirm 100% this is true but those screenshots seem to be real.
Scummy people doing scummy shit and taking advantage of a horrible situation for regular people isnt anything new.

Guys... Please dont keep your funds on CEXes. CEXes are the cancer of the crypto industry.


He's here to save the day again!


In Trustin we just.

What the Hell? Damnit, this guy justin is nooooooooooooooooooooot gooooood at all. Incredible what for a shitty show is going on the last days with FTX. But always a good reminder: Get a Ledger and the cryptos off from exchanges...Thanks for your post. Have a beautiful day :)

Anything is better than a CEX. I consider a bank a better option as you have legal protections.

Indeed, I still prefer DEX 😉 but you know what? Bear market is super great to discover such bullshit. Hahaha. Hopefully the bear market will clean up the space a bit. But curious this guy sun is all there when trouble is coming or am I wrong? Like a Hyena... 😜🤣

Yeah, so FTX will go to 0. They left the realms of sanity.

I dont actually think it will go to 0. If LUNA didnt, this wont either. Just the notoriety is worth hundreds of millions.

The Luna Foundation went to 0. FTX will go to 0.

Oh that’s brilliant, as it reduces the problem for ftx. Who knows, maybe Justin can pull it off?

Most likely he will make an absolute mess of it though.

It is horrible for the users, but at least they can get some money out this way.

It depends what comes after. If they take out their money at a loss, they might be out of a possible reimbursement when this goes to court.

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I don't know what bothers me more...people hurting due to the fall of FTX, or Justin the vulture coming in to gain for himself.

CEXes are the cancer of the crypto industry.

Perhaps CEXes think the same for DEXes.

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