Marketing Update 27 // WendyO interview/New promo video/ Ad landing page.

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Just a quick weekly update as promised.

  • Aggroed was set up on WendyO last week. Many of you probably saw the video. He mostly talked about the game.

He also did the cryptostache interview but you never know when that will go live when it comes to influencers.
A lot of the stuff that Dan and Matt did with these guys has been pushed back. Ill probably, once again inquire when that will go live but currently NFTs are a big talking point so they keep on skipping everything else.
That is understandable since they need to stay on top of things to stay relevant. And currently everybody is talking NFTs, Solana, Avax, etc.
Dan and Matt on Charlie Shrem will happen on 30.9 and hes a much more serious guy so im sure he will post that interview as soon as possible.

  • A new Hive promo video was posted. This wasnt done by a crypto channel so the pricing was far more reasonable. Its a 40k sub channel. The video did 1600 views in a few days. Here is the twitter link as well. She has around 20k followers there.

  • The ad landing page is close to done. There will be some more adjustments done to it that Guiltyparties is doing. Im also waiting on a Hive animation that is being created for the redesign that will probably be added once i get it. The redesign should be done in the coming week.
    Here you can see the current ad landing page itself:
    Its a work in progress but this is close to what it will look like.

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So after more than 10 million dollars in sales (probably much more I stopped counting a while ago), we're paying for Aggy to do an interview about Splinterlands?

Disgraceful, appalling, retarded, and malicious because you're pumping your own bags.

I paid $0 for the interview. But keep on writing FUD about Splinterlands. Its fun.

I was wondering why you hated Splinterlands so much so I read your rage quit post. It was funny. 😂
Whats even funnier is that I found that you sold your whole collection for 3000 USD few weeks before the huge pump.
Today it would be worth 60 000 USD+. Id be salty as well. 😂

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Youre very hellbent on attacking "the competition" as the AxieBuzz creator.
Itd be a funny post:

"@axiebuzz owner hellbent on attacking @aggroed and @splinterlands because he sold too early."

I told you man. Take a chill pill.

Why is it reported here then? Shouldn't this be a report as to how the funds from the DHF are being used?

Since when are facts fud?

Either way, as I said before I'm not like you, I don't care about the money and the fact that it pumped when it's such a shitty game and aggy can't come through on the one promise the game was released upon.

I don't know how many times I need to repeat this for you to understand but I will keep doing so if you like.

That's my one and only problem with sl, apart from the fact that he earned how many millions in sales for the game while not doing jack shit to deliver on the promise?

Also how is SL competition to AI? They're not even in the same universe my man.

AI has half a mil on twitter while SL just recently got some fame and managed to get to 30k.

AI doesn't allow bots while SL allows them and most likely run their own.

AI has 1.5 mil players while SL has 300k bots.


Why is it reported here then? Shouldn't this be a report as to how the funds from the DHF are being used?

Because I did it and its part of my marketing efforts. Not everything I deliver means money was spent.

Since when are facts fud?

Well, you lied here just a second ago. Said I spent money on this interview. I didnt. So it definitely is not a fact.

when it's such a shitty game

Its a brilliant game. The best NFT game by far.

while not doing jack shit to deliver on the promise

I couldnt care less about a promise he might have made 3 years ago when this was started as a hobby project by 2 guys that had no idea it would grow into anything.

Holding them accountable for that is laughably absurd. Even more so because they at the same time delivered so much.

AI has half a mil on twitter while SL just recently got some fame and managed to get to 30k.

Oh so SL bots ingame but AI didnt buy all those followers on Twitter. Got it. 😂
AS if twitter followers mean anything. No ones fucking paying 5000 USD for a Axie.
My god. Thats why Axie has only 10k players and less token holders than Splinterlands on BSC.


Make sure to upvote the videos and comment (with optimized content) to help them get more exposure and positive attention.


A link will be nice


Definitely Agree with this sentiment 🙄

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The first one is cool.

the first video. (splinterlands with aggroed)

Thats just the ad landing page. Not the landing page.

And its to be seen if the new design will be used. It will be up to people to decide.

seeing that the ashni video got a lot of downvotes which I guess is usual for something new and challenging to old ideas ;)

good work!

Its actually that its the first time she tried the format of shifting the focus mid video to Hive.
She still has 2 more to do so she will probably adjust. That was most of the complaints i see in the comments.

this account is flagged due to his stupid personal crusade only against accounts on his personal blacklist, which are publishing in german language. Best regrads.

well Hive yousers than go it give those girls a like and a comment. This is not company sponsorship it is community sponsorship.

excellent. Great to see more progress, interviews, people discussing what we have here and what the future might look like.
The landing page looks a little on the bleak side to me. Where are the sparkles, rainbows and goofy unicorn-bees?

Nice post totally loved it ☺️

Yoooo good call with her, I’ve seen her before. She helped me figure out some Twitter hacks. If she actually gets into Hive she’s be great to have on your team!

I though the Cryptowendyo-Aggroed Video was very good. She did a nice interview which revealed useful information about Aggroed, the game Splinterlands and allowed him to talk about the game. I have promoted that video on Leofinance and Twitter. I think there's a good opportunity to give her positive feedback both here on Hive and on YouTube.
You can upvote the video to give it more visibility here, as there are still many people here not familiar with Splinterlands, and upvotes with comments on YouTube may be useful to bring the name Hive to more people, a link back to Hive would also be useful there too.

Cryptowendyo-Aggroed Hive article Link:

Cryptowendyo-Aggroed YouTube Link



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