Tough times ahead of us.

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We all felt the slight pullback crypto experienced during the last few days. Im happy to say that Im dealing with it fine for the moment. Hopefully the rest of you are as well.
I set aside some stablecoins, some HBD as well so I have some leeway before panic sweats start coming in. 😄
I can say that I "moderately" prepared in time for the bear market.
There is a big "but" in all of that ofc.

Even when you prepare, you still have a limitation to your comfort.

Anticipating a bear market is one thing, going through it a whole other ordeal.
Its hard anticipating short term shifts but the broader trends can be picked up sometimes. If you feel you have what is it you do?

Do you act?
Or do you consider you and your breaking point as a counter indicator?
How resilient are you to max pain? Where is it you draw the line?

The actions you make today mold your position when bullish sentiment returns.
If you are a hodler, knowing your limits is more important than any research you might do elsewhere.
During the last bear market I found myself in such a pickle. Not because of my massive investments because at the lowest point it could probably be measured in hundreds of dollars but rather due to my time investment and coming to a point of deciding do I quit or commit.
In the end I made the right choice but only barely.
Barely, because I waited to make that decision at the last moment when, in a way, my back was against the wall.
I decided not to make that mistake again.

In the next year or two I expect a very rough ride and even more capitulations.
We will also be seeing a few "cautionary tale posts" about holding till the bottom and losing it all, like we saw the last bear market on Steem. I can remember a few vividly.

Dont let yourself become one of those people. Hope for the best, but do also consider the worst case scenarios and how you stack against them.


The best way to prepare is to have some savings for the bad days.... some money that could last for 6 to 12 months while the bearish storm passes...

what are you toughts about HBD ? will it stay pegged to 1$ ?? will it colapse?

I havent looked at SBD in years. HBD though, thats fairly stable, more so than before.

great to know thanks!

i'm trowing my savings to HBD savings because i want to earn the 20% ... i did the maths and it will be a good move only if the sbd keeps stable (cross fingers)

SBD is on Steem, HBD is on Hive. Just so there is no confusion. :)

Yeah you are right, thanks for the call!! i was meaning HBD sorry jajaja, i edited the comments.

20% apr in HBD being stable is a good good thing for savings

Yep. Seems like the best call right now.

i'm selling my Diamon Deck of splinterlands and will put the money on savings and with almost all part of the earning i will be buying hive while is low to power up.. so i could reach my first goal of 10k HP

We are learning from the market trends, fortunately, we have HBD, and it should be utilized going forward for times like this. Some offline side jobs can help as well I spoke to someone today for a job, I don't want something that will enslave and tie me down.

The future looks bring but we have to go through the times.

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HBD and chill.

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Like how you paraphrase the question to make any reader reflect on these matters. Great post. I can closely relate to this and keep asking myself whether I learned the lesson. I went off ramp, but not always on bullish peaks. Would have's and could have's can't matter, but the actions i'm not taking and what i'm not researching does. It's an interesting space. Specially from the viewpoint of understanding what true value, scarcity and responsibility means for all of us. apart from that, I ask myself how long it's truly going to take to work if not everyone in this space realises what crypto is beyond speculative assets.