dCrops Adventures - Summer Season 30

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Planting again

Another dCrops season is under way, and this time around I'm better prepared than ever thanks to the shopping spree I recently went on. All the $HIVE spent on Alpha Seed NFTs was well worth it, as my cards are now worth more than I paid for. Looks like the game is picking up more active users by the day.

The Beta edition NFTs and game mechanisms are almost here, and you can visit the official announcement if you're looking for the known details. Word is in the air that the Beta edition packs will cost $3 per pack and contain 3 Beta edition NFTs. Anyone interested will be able to get their hands on some Beta edition packs by paying with HIVE, SWAP.HIVE, HBD, SWAP.BUSD and CROP tokens.

Source: dcrops.com

If you have been looking for a chance to get on board, this is it. Get ready! The game is lit, and this is just the beginning for dCrops. What's probably the most passive #play2earn game on the blockchain is about to expand and transform into something a lot more advanced and complicated. Interesting times for #web3 farmers like me.

Let's get down to business

Season 30 is here, and it's Summer season. Took me a while to produce this report as I've been extra busy playing online poker every day - all day. After my recent Seed NFT acquisitions, this is by far my best season of the game. I'm planting 303 seeds this time around and it's going to be a blast - hands down.

No Mystery Seeds for my crop factory this time, as there's not enough space for even a single Mystery Seed anyway. My farm has reached maximum capacity for all seasons of the game, so if I'm dealt any seed boosters upon completion of my current season quest, I will just try my luck and plant them on day 12, when I will eventually get the pleasure of harvesting my Watermelon crops.

I did use a ton of Speed-Gro on my first six plots of land in order to take advantage of my Legendary and Epic Seeds' special ability to keep producing goodies till season end. I also applied some Ferti-Plus on the same plots for the exact same reason. Fingers crossed!

Here's a close-up view of my CROP factory:

dcrops 1.jpg

And here’s the full story:


Such wow!

I decided to start the season by planting 1 Legendary, 5 Epic, 45 Rare and 96 Common NFTs. My Wheat Seeds only need 4 days to produce crops, so I will be utilizing the respective plots of land at least three times during the ongoing season. This is why I decided to divide them by three and just plant 60 out of my 180 Wheat NFTs in total at a time.

The same logic applies to my Turnip Seeds, which need 7 days to bear fruit, so I decided to split them in half and go for 36 of those at a time. Also, this time around I learned my lesson and decided not to waste Epic and Rare farmlands for my Watermelon Seeds. It's better to use those plots of land more than once per season considering their unique attributes. You live, you learn.

Oh, by the way I made sure to reroll any sub-quests I didn't like before planting anything, so I only have to work with Seeds and Crops from the current season in order to complete my Season Quest. Always keep that in mind when starting a new season.

Here's the deal:

dcrops 3.jpg

Summer Season 30 breakdown

This time around I'm planting 1 Legendary, 5 Epic, 45 Rare and 252 Common seeds. By far my best season of the game and I can't wait to harvest and sell everything for shares. Well, everything except 3-star quality crops that is.


  • 5 Awesome (Epic)
  • 46 Fertile (Rare)
  • 40 Average (Common)

Seeds (S):

  • Blueberry (Legendary): 1
  • Tomato (Epic): 5
  • Watermelon (Rare): 45
  • Wheat (Common): 180
  • Turnip (Common): 72

Base selling price (B):

  • Blueberry (Legendary): 4
  • Tomato (Epic): 7
  • Watermelon (Rare): 24
  • Wheat (Common): 7
  • Turnip (Common): 14

Quantity produced (Q):

  • Blueberry (Legendary): 5
  • Tomato (Epic): 2
  • Watermelon (Rare): 1
  • Wheat (Common): 2
  • Turnip (Common): 1

Expected share rewards (E) (minimum):

E = Σ[Si x Bi x Qi], n = 5 =>
E = (1x4x5x8) + (5x7x2x5) + (45x24x1) + (180x7x2) + (72x14x1) =>
E = 5,118

Once again, please bear in mind that this is the minimum amount of shares to be earned; I will score more shares if I get lucky and harvest some 2-star and 3-star quality crops.

Final thoughts

The #play2earn movement is here to stay and will only keep getting bigger with time. Hive is hands down the best blockchain in the space when it comes to supporting dApps of all sorts effortlessly, and it comes as no surprise that it already offers some of the best #P2E games out there. dCrops is one of those hidden gems you wouldn't want to miss.

Join the fun

Haven't tried dCrops yet? You can sign up using my referral link - it's mandatory! xD

Want to stay tuned with the latest developments? Follow the game's official blog on the Hive blockchain.

Looking for more info? Join the game's official discord server.

Never forget!


I'm just a random guy with opinions. This is by no means financial advice. Just my personal thoughts and experiences.

Have a good one everyone!

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Two concepts worth trying in this write up

  1. how to plant the epic seeds. I would be trying that following season.
    2 Also dividing the seeds grown in portion. a third of wheat and half of Turnips.

Thanks for reading!

Keep in mind that even though the ability to keep producing till season ends is the common denominator when it comes to Legendary Seeds, this is not the case for all Epic Seeds, so use your Speed-Gro wisely :)


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You are doing awesome! I messed up this summer season, I hope autumn goes better. !PGM !PIZZA