Splinterlands Adventures - Silver III Season Rewards (38 Season Chests)

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More #Play2earn than ever before

Another Splinterlands season came to an end, and this one was definitely one of the most interesting seasons for me, as it was the very first one after the implementation of the new rewards system. Silver III is, and has been for quite some time now, the highest tier I can compete in without having to resort to card rentals. Since I absolutely hate spending DEC on rentals, I've settled for this league in particular and have been building my account slowly but steadily.

As a result, my season's loot would consist of 12 chests maximum, provided that I did devote enough time grinding all the way up from the 500 rating reset mark. Well, not anymore. I'm still fighting in Silver III but this time around I scored 38 Silver season chests. An increase by more than 316%. Sign me up.

splinterlands season rewards.jpg

I was still a happy man with the previous rewards system since I would get some decent ROI, plus it looks like Splinterlands NFTs have been performing like a good hedge against the bear market as of late. My bags are losing value, but my card collection is another story.

As you can imagine, things are even better for Splinterlands players with the new system, since there are no limitations this time. Want more chests? Just grind harder. School one more battle mage before logging out. Go on long win streaks. Burn your capture rate to the ground. Well, the latter is a real problem with the new structure, but maybe the team will come up with features enabling users to replenish it, probably in exchange for something else.

Just speculation. We'll see.

Season Chests Breakdown

Common, rare and epic NFTs together with a bunch of potions and DEC. Not bad at all. It's worth mentioning that I also scored another 16 reward cards as part of my daily focus rewards, which came along with some DEC as well.

season rewards 1.jpg

season rewards 2.jpg

season rewards 3.jpg

season rewards 4.jpg

  • 222 DEC
  • 8 Alchemy Potions
  • 5 Legendary Potions
  • 6 Common NFTs
  • 2 Rare NFTs
  • 1 Epic NFT

Total market value of NFTs: $0.27
Total burn value of NFTs: 170 DEC
Collection Power added: 170

Meh. I guess I could have been a bit luckier with my draw. At least I managed to get my Venari Seedsmith to level 2. Maybe I will try to infiltrate the Gold leagues this time around, just to check what Gold chests have to offer. Dunno.

I must admit I wish there was a way to exchange my potions for something. I'm not the type to open packs; I just prefer to invest in them and hold them for the long haul, as I can see their value skyrocketing once they've sold out. The Chaos Legion edition includes some very powerful NFTs that can make a difference in tricky battles and win tournaments, so I expect to gain significant resale value on those packs in the future. That said, I prefer to just buy my favorite cards straight from the market for the time being.

Final Thoughts

Splinterlands was born in the 2018 bear market and has been breaking one record after another since then, taking the #play2earn realm by storm. The team know exactly what they are doing and are not playing around, so I expect big things for the future. They have always delivered and will most certainly keep doing so.

Bullish AF on this one.

Join the fun

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Never forget!


I'm just a random guy with opinions. This is by no means financial advice. Just my personal thoughts and experiences.

Have a good one everyone!

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The season ended, wen will bear end bro? ;-;

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Good question man! No one knows is the answer :))

To be frank though, I see a long winter ahead.

Regardless, now is a good time to start filling bags by DCAing, slowly and steadily.


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Yeah, seems like a long winter. I think I am going to buy some more SPS just to be safe. 😝

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