Will Institutions Dump Their Bitcoin for a Nice Profit?

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We know that institutional buying has helped drive the price of Bitcoin.

But now they're sitting on some enormous profits, will they be selling it all soon? Will this cut the bull run short?

Here are my thoughts.

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I agree with you here, it doesn't make sense for them to just cash out for the sake of setting everything up at this stage and listening to the podcasts, interviews etc on Twitter, can't see what benefit they have other than a 4x back into cash which will erode their reserves again?

Nice insights again, enjoyed the crypto walk through the woods!

Your arguments make perfect sense. Investing in crypto is not a simple matter of buying some coins from an exchange for the big players. They have to file everything and fiduciary duty requires that they make sure that the custodial firms they use are well regulated and audited and whatnot. Also, the reputational risks are tremendous and also worth a shitload of money.

Thank you sir!

Hey Louis, have you seen the recent posts by @dan (Dan Larimer)? I'm very interested what you think of his point of view on BTC. I have to say I was starting to feel this way recently, then his post put the words in front of me. In some ways it seems like governments feel they can easily regulate Bitcoin, and that it will just be an asset under their control.

It means we'll make a lot money, that there is no risk of bans, but also that we sacrifice freedoms. What do you think? Here's the link

Hey Marki. Thanks for sharing, will take a look. Haven't read it yet.

@louisthomas, If institutions are entering into the picture that means, "Strategical Moves". Let's see and stay blessed.