Bringing Tools for Freedom to El Salvador

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Today a group of a couple dozen plus passionate entrepreneurs, founders, technologists, innovators and more are spending the whole day in El Salvador meeting with secretaries from the departments of treasury, investment, commerce, and the central bank as well as the commissioner for strategic projects, the president of a national bank, the author of the law that made bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador, and finally a reception with the President of El Salvador. It’s an honor to be among them on this adventure to strike while the iron is hot and serve the leaders here with our experience, our intentions, and our desires to help create a world we all want to live in.

If we fix the money (the measuring stick for financial value and resource cost), we can fix so many other things which rely on money and are currently distorted with noise instead of signal. A nation state adopting a decentralized currency uncontrolled by anyone is an historic moment in our lives. This delegation knows this and is here to learn, share ideas, and think strategically how we can create an example for the world how a group of people living in a geographic region don’t have to rely on the monopolization of currency creation controlled by (possibly well-meaning, but ultimately flawed) human beings. There are always so many problems we can point at, but energy directed towards solutions and understanding is so much more powerful.

A week ago I tweeted out this idea:

Today I’m El Salvador.

The world can move pretty fast if we’ve done the work to prepare for the things set before us to accomplish. Self awareness, overcoming insecurities and the fear that drives them, working through the results of triggers, adding value to the world: these are the prerequisites and training grounds for accomplishing significant goals which create positive change.

This photo is the newspaper we saw at dinner last night already talking about the delegation.


I hope after today the relationships and meetings that will continue after we leave will bring positive change for the people of El Salvador and begin a process around the world where tools for freedom are unleashed at the speed commensurate with how desperately they are needed. This is just the beginning of many exciting adventures. My prayer and intention is to see real, tangible benefits we can all celebrate as the result of our efforts together.

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Please keep us informed. It is very exciting to consider that crypto may make a positive impact in El Salvador and inspire other nations to follow.

Welcome to my country sr do not forget to eat pupusas.

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Amazing that such a talented delegation has got together so quickly to support El Salvador in its transition to a Bitcoin economy.

Good luck!

Proud to have a major Hivean there.

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Good luck with the get together, sharing in possible positive change is desperately needed throughout the world, making for a better tomorrow.

@tipu curate

indeed, this is a hopeful next step for bringing global individual autonomy

Couldn't wish for a better representative. Thanks for all you do, Luke.

Wow. That's amazing news! How exciting. So glad you're there. You're a great ambassador for change and I can't wait to hear the details. 😍

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Pity the World Bank won't support the country in it's transition, though not surprising!

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Now that you have had time to reflect on your visit, and have seen the worlds response, it would be great to give us your thoughts on the progress down there and what projects are contributing to understanding and utility there.

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