Savings week 5 - still on the road to suscess (Esp/Eng)

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Hello to all the savers who are members of this club, and to those who have been encouraged to do so as of this week. Believe it or not, we are already in week 5 of the year, and in my case, super active not only with my savings plan, but also with my purpose of publishing throughout the year, although I have lost the 365 days badge due to a miscalculation in the publication.

Although I regret not being able to boast the badge within my accomplishments, creating the habit of making a daily post, helps me to organize myself for other things as well. It's keeping a schedule of activities inside my head, so I can feel in control, especially when things don't seem to be.

I have to admit that this week was quite low, although I consider that my posts maintained the same quality, it was not until Friday, February 3, when I received a good compensation.

My concern goes beyond the community likes, since the achievement of the goals set within this club depends on it. For this reason, I have been analyzing options other than the strategies that have been implemented so far.

Of course, I have also taken into account that I will not always be on a positive streak, but that is not seen in the calculations, which in the end must give the stipulated sum.

And although it is not something that stresses me out as if my life depended on it, being aware of the statistics regarding my performance within the platform is also part of the reason for being in this club (or at least that's how I see it).

Now, getting to the point. Since it is the first week of February, according to the plan, it is time to add one (1) hive to the savings, thus covering the first week of the second month. Likewise, the corresponding 5 HBD per week were entered.

Thus, the progress in my savings plan is as follows: 11 hives in savings (the final goal is 120) and 47,171 HBD (of the 230 I wish to have at the end of the year, not counting the accrued interest, which will surely be a pleasant surprise at the end of the year).

An update regarding my growth strategies within the platform, is the fact that I have joined a curation trail, which I had not done previously due to lack of knowledge regarding the ideal time to do it.

But already a little more documented about it, I decided to delegate part of my voting power to @curangel's group, because I consider they do a pretty good job (not to say that other curators don't) and because they have supported me in many opportunities in my publications.

With this action, I have been receiving daily, a certain amount of HP's for non-manual cures (which I have not stopped doing personally), and which are contributing to my third growth goal, which is to become a dolphin by the end of the year (or failing that, to be quite close to this new line).

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Likewise, I participated with 15 hives in the second power up day (February 1) and continue the rest of the month with 2 hives per day.

So, my HP growth chart for the week looks as follows.

Finally, I would like to point out some actions that have also filled me with satisfaction regarding my weekly performance. The first one is the acceptance of the material I share through threeshortfriday, because I know first hand that it is easier to make people cry than laugh, and my material is justly loaded with humor.

The other point, is my progressive growth within @liketu, especially because initially I had a hard time connecting the accounts so that the material shared through this dapp, could also be seen in my hive blog.

And regarding the issue of connecting accounts, I received a surprising message from @leogrowth, for the absence of #myleogoals in this savings plan, but I have not managed to connect my accounts, and I really abandoned the attempt at the first try. I promise to take matters into my own hands and get it done, to include in my mid-year adjustment (or sooner) some growth goals within Leofinance.

My progress table is as follows for this week

CurrencyWeek accumulatedAnnual goal

Many thanks to @eddie-earner and @shanibeer for this initiative. If you want to participate in the Saturday savings club, check out the initial post here.

Also thanks to @raj808 for the banner design

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Amiga very eventful this week, I am happy with your achievements and we are on our way to the goal.

Step by step we are picking up the pace and those savings charts will go up like foam.

I have not connected with the dapp either, I hope we can make it too.

Are you saving 5 HBD weekly?

Yes darling, in principle that is the plan, maybe when we get to June or July, I will see if the strategy works for me or if I extend the savings a little more.
Everything will depend on how my blog is moving with respect to the earnings, so that I have more hbds or hives to increase the HP, without having enough, although I keep myself somewhat on the margin of withdrawing money or using the minimum.

Well, these first weeks, I have been saving according to the table and my plans are to follow them to the letter, God willing.

During these first months, as the savings are small, I will be taking out the surplus for necessary things.

Hopefully every day we will be able to generate more, to have extras, apart from what goes to savings.

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Me parece super bien delegar hp a otros curadores, lo vengo haciendo hace poco más de un mes y me ha dado buenos resultados. Aunque no tengo un plan de ahorro establecido estoy planteandome metas pequeñas y me ha ayudado a organizarme. El crear contenido diariamente también me ha estimulado al orden en general.

Will there still be a chance to participate in this savings club?
I've been doing it on my own, but keeping track like this will certainly help me stay more focused. 🤔

Of course you can join the club since now