MYCELIC INFANTRY - this heavy foot soldier can kill Giants!

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What’s up splinterlands warriors!

I hope all of you are well and enjoying the game at it’s best. The time seems to be passing by in a hurry as we are already at the middle of this season and only 7 days left for this current season to end. The bloody war for leaderboard is about to start soon and I will partake at diamond tier as usual. The competition is getting tough day after day soI hope I play well this season.

As per the latest splinterlands town-hall summary, the most awaited wild/modern format will get launched in April, with lot’s of improvements in reward structures. The modern format will support untamed, dice and chaos legion cards while the wild format will allow all editions. Starter cards will also begin to reduce rewards and if you use all starter cards in a battle, you will get 0 rewards. With the new reward system, higher tiers will have better chances of pulling rewards while the lower tiers less. Most probably after the new format release, the team will work after land update which is another update people are eagerly waiting for.



Now, let us take a look at the current crypto market and grab the latest updates. The main dominator BTC is currently racing high with a steady uptrend since last week and currently being sold for 42,889.40$ with a +4.61% price rise in last 7 days. The other big giant, ETH is following this bull trail and with a +8.52% price change in last 7 days, its currently sitting at 3,031.78$. Hive also seems bullish as it already touched the 1$ today and currently being traded at 0.9836$ per unit with a +7.81% price change in last 24 hours.


Now, taking a quick peak at the splinterlands tokens, the main in game token DEC is still in downtrend & losing value and currently it’s being sold for 0.002558$ per unit with -1.07% decrease in last 24 hours. The SPS also touched it’s bottom at 0.099$ recently and currently being traded for 0.1053$ per unit with a +0.30% price rise in last 24 hours. Vouchers are maintaining it’s position near 1$ and currently being sold for 1.0944$ per unit with a -0.99% price down in last 24 hours.

Now, let us now move towards my main theme of this post as today, I am going to showcase another awesome chaos monster with you all, Mycelic Infantry.



Mycelic infantry is one of the toughest warriors that got unleashed with the chaos launch. Not only it does possess the shield ability that saves him from dangerous melee and range attacks, he also holds the Giant killer ability which helps him to kill down giants that cost 10 or more mana.


Mycelic Infantry is a rare type chaos card that belongs to the Earth 🌎 unit. It costs 8 mana to use him in the battlefield and his attack type is melee. Mow, we will tear apart its overall stats level wise down below.


At Level 2, this card possesses 3 melee attack at 1 speed with 3 armour and 8 health along with the shield ability. It gets the shield ability from its initial level so you can use this card as front defence even in its initial level.


At level 4, Discard possesses 4 million attack at one speed with 3 armour and nine health the increased Melee attack will help you feel down enemies at a faster rate.


At level six this card possesses 5 Mili attack at one speed with three armour and nine health and also gets another ability giant killer from level five. Because of the giant killer ability this card will do 2X damage to target monsters that cost ten or more mana.


At level 8, this card gets 5 melee attack at 1 speed with 3 armour and 10 health and also unlocks another ability - Enrage. Because of the enrage ability, this card will get increased attack and speed when damaged. Without a doubt, this card become a high level defensive card.

Important Points about Mycelic Infantry

  • First of all, because of it’s defensive stats, it can be well used against melee and range monsters. A combination of high health + armour along with the shield ability can endure a good number of melee and range attacks from enemies before going down.
  • Because of the Giant Killer ability, you may choose him in large mana ruleset matches where there is higher probability that the opponent will use at least one or 2 card that costs 10 or more mana.
  • Now, the main problem of this monster is it’s low speed. Even at it’s max level, it only carries 1 speed so in general matches, it will attack after all other performs their attacks. However, in reverse speed ruleset matches, this monster can perform exceptionally well as it will attack first under reverse ruleset.
  • The enrage ability will give him extra speed and attack stat whenever he is damaged. So if it stays alive but wounded, it will do better harm on enemy cards. You may also use a healer monster with enrage so that it stay alive for longer.

Market Stat


Mycelic Infantry is currently being sold for 0.18$ per bcx and increasing and will cost you about 70.727 DEC per bcx.

Battle Line-up



Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 52

Splinters allowed: Earth and Dragon.


  • Stampede - the trample ability can be triggered multiple times per attack if the trampled monster get died.

  • Melee Mayhem - melee monsters can attack from any position.



I used the Mycelic Infantry at the front position of my lineup mainly because of it’s defensive stats. I am using s level 8 in here and it possesses 5 melee attack at 1 speed with 3 armours and 10 health along with 3 abilities - Shield, Giant Killer and Enrage.



I chose the nectar Queen at the second place of my line-up mainly because of its high health plus Melee attack along with retaliate ability. I am using a level 10 in here and it has 5 melee attack at four speed with 13 health along with three abilities - flying, retaliate and poison.



I used the Venari Knifer at the third place of my line of mainly because of its thorns ability. I am using a level 10 in here and it has 4 melee attack at 6 speed with 9 health along with 2 abilities - Thorns and Backfire. The high speed + backfire ability combo may give some extra damage to enemy cards.



I chose the unicorn Mustang at the fourth position of my line-up mainly because of its piercing ability. I am using a level 8 in here and it carries 5 melee attack at four speed with 13 health along with three abilities - void, magic reflect and piercing. The piercing ability will do more damage to shield it monster by piercing their shield and damaging the health at same time.



I used the Rexxie at the fifth position of my lineup and I mainly used it because of it’s trample ability as this match got the Stampede ruleset. I am using s level 10 in here and it possesses 6 melee attack at 4 speed with 12 health along with the Trample ability.



I chose the stonesplitter Orc at the last position of my lineup mainly because of it’s retaliate ability with high melee attack. I am using a level 8 in here and it has 5 melee attack at 3 speed with 1 armour and 4 health along with - Retaliate and Enrage ability. If opponent uses sneak monsters in this match my orc will counter them with it’s retaliate ability.

Match Result


It was a large mana ruleset match with Stampede and Melee Mayhem ruleset, so I chose all big melee monsters with the Llama summoner in this match. I also thought my opponent will do something similar but as the match got revealed, I found out that my opponent used the Prince Rennyn summoner with multiple archers and melee monsters to defeat me. He used Flesh Golem at the front, followed by Hydra, Cyclops, Sand worm, Spirit of the Forest and Centaur at the back. He chose 2 sniper monster and 1 normal archers and all of these 3 will get +1 range attack from the prince summoner.


As the match started, the spirit of the forest and centaur attacked one by one and targated my Infantry as there are no non melee monster in my lineup. Both of their attack broke down my infantry’s shield. My venari knifer attacked next and broke down the armour of flesh golem. Now the hydra attacked and activated the enrage ability of my infantry. Next both my orc and mustang launched their attacks and brought down the flesh golem’s health down to 2. Then the flesh golem healed back itself to 6 health and attacked my infantry. My rexxie attacked next snd successfully killed down the flesh golem and thus activates it’s stampede ability and again attacked the hydra l. My Necter Queen 👸 attacked next and brought down the hydra’s health down to 6 and also applied poison upon it. The enemy sand worm attacked my orc afterwards and broke down it’s shield, followed by the cyclop’s attack on my infantry. The infantry, as I guessed, attacked at past and missed it’s target.


At round 2, the spirit healed the hydra’s health back to 7 and attacked again upon my infantry, followed by the Centaur’s attack and yet my infantry lived with only 2 health. The knifer attacked next and brought down the hydra’s health down to 3, but also got damaged with his retaliate attack. Then The hydra healed itself back and killed my Infantry at last and with trample ability, launches another attack to my necter queen. Next my orc attacked and killed down the hydra, followed by hydra’s dying retaliate attack which decreased the orc’s health down to 3. My necter, rexxie and mustang attacked one by one next and brought down the cyclop’s health down to 3 with poison applied to it. The sand worm attacked next and killed down my Orc, but orc also did one past retaliate and broke down it’s shield.


As round 3 begins, the spirit of the forest healed back the cyclops and but and attacked my necter, followed by the centaur’s attack but this time the centaur missed its target. Both my knifer and mustang attack next one after another and killed down the wounded cyclops. The necter attacked next and brought down the sand worm’s health down to 2, followed by my rexxie’s attack and it again killed down the worm and activates it’s trample ability and launched another attack to the spirit and broke down it’s armour.


At round 4, the enemy centaur attacked first and brought down my necter’s health 1. Next, the mustang attacked but missed it’s target upon the spirit. The necter attacked next and finally killed the Spirit. The rexxie attacked last but missed it’s target upon the centaur and the match went to round 5. However, it was easy for me to kill down the useless centaur with my remaining melee monsters and hence, I bagged a good victory here!!

I hope most of you have already played with the Mycelic Infantry by now. Let me know you opinion and feelings about this awesome awesome Chaos attacker in the comments below and I will be meeting you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

Want to start playing splinterlands? Click here

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Great high level battle! It's amazing to see what these monsters are capable when they have all their abilities. Do you think that any monsters from your line up could've been replaced by a range monster with higher attack power?

Yes I could. Using a spirit of forest would have give me advantages of extra shields and heal. But as it was a melee mayhem match, I focused totally on offence… and was lucky enough to win this match.

The game was amazing,any time I played it . Am always feels excited.

This is by far the most logical and enjoyable crypto based game that I have ever played. 😎 keep growing your splinterlands ☺️


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I am glad I have at least one of those Mycelic Infantry cards. It is a good one that is for sure!

Excellent post as always!



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