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What’s up Splinterlands Warriors!

I hope all of you are fine and enjoying the game at its best! 🥳 For Those who are still unaware, the current splinterlands season is going to end soon as only 1day left. So if you are wishing to reach your favourite tier Or into the leaderboard, you should start acting now as not much time left.


Now, first let us take a quick peak At the current Crypto market status. The market dominator BTC is currently being traded for $38,802 With a -3.4% change in last seven days while the other dominator ETH is currently being traded for 2,736 with a -1.2% change in last seven days.


Splinterlands token market is also doing well even after the Waka summoner launch. The Main in game token DEC is currently being traded four $0.00346 per unit while the SPS is currently being sold for $0.1384 per unit. However, the vouchers price has been decreased a lot after the Waka launch and currently it is being traded in hive engine for only $1.34.

Carnage Titan


On the other hand, Splinterlands has revealed the eighth Chaos Legion AirDrop card just recently in their official discord. The game is very close to sell 8 million total chaos packs And after crossing the mark, the AirDrop card will be distributed among the card Pack buyers. The name of this card is Carnage Titan who is a Legendary type card that belongs to the Dragon unit and it will cost 11 Mana to use in the battlefield. The attack type of this card is Melee with shield, double strike and reach ability along With a good combo of shield + health. No doubt that it will be seen in the battleground soon As a defender at reach position And I really liked this card’s graphics and lore.


Shoot 'em up ACID SHOOTER!

Okay, so I have talked enough about the markets and updates now so let us move towards the main theme of my post as today, I am going to showcase another awesome monster with all of you guys. As you have already gauged from the thumbnail today our hero will be acid shooter!


Acid shooters are simple awesome when it comes to recruiting foot soldiers in your battle. Respecting it’s low 2 mana cost, acid shooters have already claimed it’s spot with their unmatched stats and abilities. They have invented a special crossbow which can shoot both metal arrows and acid onto enemies. The most fun part it, you wont know which enemy it’s targeting.

Acid shooter is an epic edition card that belongs to the Earth Unit and it costs only 2 mana to use this card into battles. It’s attack type is range and it has suddenly become one of my best archers in Earth Splinter. Let us now take deep dive into the splinterlands and find out more about this card down below.


Level 2

At level two, this card gets one Range attack at three speed with three health along with the scattershot ability. monsters with scattershot ability hits a random in me target each time they attack.

Level 3

At level three, this card gets two Range attack at three speed with four health along with the scattershot ability. The increase range attack will help you chill down enemy cards faster.

Level 5

At level five, this card gets two Range attack at three speed with 5 health and also gets another ability - Cripple. Monsters with cripple ability whenever hits a monster, the attacked monster loses one Max health.

Level 6

At level six, this card gets two Range attack at three speed with five health and also gets another ability poison. If applied, the poison will do automatic damage to the target at the beginning of each round.

Market Stat


Acid shooter is currently being sold in the market for $1.03 and onwards and will cost you about 291.446 DEC. There is also a level 4 (20 bcx) available for only 30.50$.

Important points about ACID SHOOTER:

  • The most favourite part that I found in acid shooter is it’s 2 mana cost. You can rise this card even in lowest mana ruleset matches with confidence. Even in medium mana matches, you also may spend your mana into high cards while fill one space with this card just for 2.
  • It gets the scattershot ability from it’s initial level. Now as this attack will hit a random enemy card, you can think of this as a drunk opportunity card which hasn't forgot to attack but lost its focus. You can group this card with sniper or opportunity cards for good results.
  • I just bitched a lil about the scattershot above but together with the Cripple ability, it really works great. Hitting one of them 6 enemies randomly every time and take away 1 max health can weaken the enemy lineup over time it gets lived long.
  • The affect from the above point gets even more dangerous when the acid shooter gets the poison ability at it’s max level. There will be a 50% chance every time it attacks to apply poison to the attacked card. Keep it alive longer and it will definitely give you way more than its mana cost.

Battle Line-up



Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 17

Splinters allowed: Fire and Earth.


  • Little Leagues - Monsters more than 4 mana cost can't be used in this battle.



I Used the failed summoner card at the front of my lineup and I use this mainly because of its anti magic stance with extra health buff. I am using a level 10 here and it has two speed with nine health along with magic reflect demoralise and strengthen ability.



I used the Halfling Alchemist At the second place of my lineup and I used this monster mainly because of its Low mana cost for a decent overall stat. I am using a level six in here and it has two Range attack at two speed with one armour and three health along with two abilities halving and redemption.



I used the screeching vulture at the third place of my lineup and I used this card mainly because of its opportunity ability with high attack. I am using a level 10 here and it possesses three Melee attack at five speed with for health along with three abilities - opportunity flying and scavenger.



I used the swamp thing at the fourth position of my line up and I mainly used it because of its Low mana cost with great abilities. I am using a level six here and it possesses two arrange attack at one speed with six health along with the weaken and slow ability. I am really a fan of weaken ability so I often use this card in ranked matches.



I used our main character Acid Shooter at the fifth position of my lineup just to keep him alive for more time to get the most out of it in this battle. I am using a level six here and it has two range attack at three speed with five health along with three abilities scattershot Cripple and poison.



The last monster that are used in my line-up is the earth elemental hand I use this because I had a weird feeling that my opponent may use sneak cards against me. I am using a level eight here and it has 3 range attack at two speed with eight health along with heal ability.

Match Result


Well, at the time the match, I was just crossing 3700 trophies and it is the point where you can choose to Tier up and enter into Champions. However, I was started getting Champion opponents and and in this match, the mana limit also was very low. So, I decided to make a defensive lineup with Mylor summoner and the failed summoner at front so just get saved from those melee and magic attackers. I haven't used the Tower Griffin in this match, who’s protect ability is very good against range and melee attacks and puts more energy to attack power. My 3 monsters would be attacking the front, the opportunity vulture will go for the lowest health and with the acid shooter, it’s random 😅 so let’s see if vulture and shooter can cope up.

The opponent, as I thought was a champion player and he used the Earth Chaos summoner Obsidian. He chose failed summoner at the front, followed by Fungus Fiend, Queen Myclia, Uraeus, Furious chicken and Doctor Blight at the end.


As the match started my vulture attacked fast and took down the shield of the enemy chicken the enemy Uraeus attacked next and hit my earth elemental, but also got thorn damage in return. My acid shooter attacked next and it targeted the Uraeus and applied Cripple onto it. The Blight attacked next and damaged + poisoned my failed Summoner but got reflect damage in return. The queen attacked next and damaged my failed further more and lastly my halfling and swamp attacked 😅 and took the enemy failed’s health to 4.


At the second round my acid shooter targeted the queen mycelia targeted this time. Moreover, he applied both the Cripple and poison this time so that’s pretty bad for the opponent I guess. However, the second round had a total of 37 turns and at the end of it, we both had only 4 monsters left in our lineup.


At the beginning of round three the Queen mycelia got dead who is the poison ability and my vulture attacked fast and killed down the enemy fungus next the acid a shooter attacked and killed down the Uraeus. Only the doctor blight was left on the enemy side which got then attacked by the earth elemental and swamp thing. The doctor also attacked back my vulture and also put poison onto it.


At the beginning of fourth round the only alive enemy monster was the doctor blight and it was having only four health left as the round begins my vulture attacked fast and got that health down to 1 and next My hey Siri shooter attacked and killed him down finally.

The main play here Who was who is the abilities that we both were applying and My weaken + slow ability from swamp and thorns ability from Mylor worked great in here. The acid shooter also did great as he attacked multiple targets in this match and applied Cripple and Poison ability onto them, making them weaker one at a time. The screeching vulture had gained enough health to become my second barrier of defence while my archers were doing their best and Thus I won this match.

I hope you liked my post and the match as well, that I showcased today. If you have used the Acid Shooter in ranked matches or in tournaments, (irrespective of it's level) please let me know about your experience with this card and I will be seeing you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

Want to start playing splinterlands? Click here

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I really like how detailed your posts are.

Congrats on getting into champion! How long have you been playing?


Thank you my friend. I am playing it since the game launched 🤩


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