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BITCOIN looks like a place to be at the moment.. I have been in Steemit, now Hive enjoying myself posting what I like.. But know little about the crypto world.. Would like to open a Bit Coin account but don't know the safest way to go about it... Wallets are confusing to me as well as transferring funds...

Steemit was easy ..just apply get approved then save the Key codes.. with wallet included ...

Coinbase seems the place to get started but where can I get more advice to help me make decisions?


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I am actually thinking about the same thing and also don’t know where to start 😭

Think you and I should get our big toes wet with a small bit of money at first..Good luck @djynn

I use a popular and reliable crypto wallet
Very comfortable and trustworthy. And in it you can easily convert currencies among themselves. For example bitcoin to USDT\ETH\USD Pax\etc

and how to withdraw real money from it, say, to a bank card or somewhere else?

Для этого есть обменники. В телеграме удобный бот btc_change_bot
Куча объявлений о покупке-продажи, на банковские карты, на яндекс деньги, наличные и прочее

им можно доверять? я их не знаю, они меня... я им перевел, а они мне нет :( Такое же может быть.

Sounds good ..I'll check it out .. thanks @ratel

bitcoin has shown real growth!

Average person is screwed with interest rates near zero.. and inflation robbing us. Bitcoin and cryptos in general is the only place for growth other than the stock market.. Only thing to stop bitcoin is government...

All governments are against Bitcoin.

The bigger a government gets the more evil ... to it's people it becomes. We are headed to a centralized global system that will be the most evil that ever existed..

You did not live in the USSR.:)
and in the RF.