Achievements: 1000 HIVE and 2 Millions SPORTS Power

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Hey everybody,

As mentioned in my May Hive Power Up Day post, I was getting really close to two milestones:

  • 1000 HIVE Power
  • 2 Millions SPORTS Power

It is now done! I actually reached them both a few days ago, but as often, time passed by way too fast and I didn't share it before now, which explains the totals are now slightly higher.

For many, this might not look like huge numbers, but I'm quite proud of it, because it comes entirely from my posting and curation. And since the majority of my posts are related to my sports activities and fitness (via Actifit and Exhaust), I can literally say it was a lot of sweat and efforts to get there!
For both, after a very slow start back in August last year when I joined Hive, the growth has been steady over the past few months, and even accelerating recently.

Another recent minor achievement: my reputation reached 64. From what I understand, this measure does not hold the same value it used to. But I guess it's still better to see it going up.

What's Next?

  • Obviously, keep growing both my accounts, at least as fast, hopefully faster. I'll have to think about new targets, and when to try and reach them.
  • Venture into new communities. Except for Actifit (which brought me to Hive) and Exhaust, I've stayed mostly passive elsewhere. I'm hoping to engage more with other communities I've been following from afar till now. I'm sure it would help for the growth as well.
  • Learn about crypto a bit more. After all these months, I'm still absolutely ignorant about the whole thing. Not planned for now, but if I wanted to convert HIVE to Fiat money (after all, it's still needed to buy a lot of things), I wouldn't even know how to do that!
  • Understand the related taxes. When I figure out the previous point, next will be the taxes. It seems to be kind of a mess, but it can't be ignored. It would be a shame to end up paying fines higher than the little Hive revenues. By the way, if there is any US resident who got any suggestions for Hive related taxes, I'm all ears.

Have a great week!

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So good to see that you are really committed to the sports platform. 2 million is a good amount of stake. You can think of growing it bigger than ever. Sports has a bright future.

Even before I really knew the potential, it made sense to focus on SPORTS with both Actifit and Exhaust. After I realized the possibilities, it made it even easier.

Congrats man!

Thanks! Your support and @runningproject are a great help, and really appreciated.
And yes I've been doing pretty well with SPORTS, almost 400k overall last month, I hope I can keep that trend.

Congrats. This is an impressive milestone considering you just started last August. Keep it up. Many more to come

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Thanks! I am indeed trying my best, staking everything I can for now

You're welcome.

staking everything I can for now.

Great way to go

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