LeoFinance Study | Metrics and Preferences of the Leo Population used for future promo Campaign | Help us out !

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Hello Hivers and LioLions I hope you enjoy your weekend.


HERE IS THE STUDY: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vLu9bFtM-0braVVNjXsOTjS7xHNumLyyNMQoLAWqYgo

For Leo

One of my running projects is the World of Warcraft Guinness Record for Hive.
After we take the record our next project will be a campaign for LEO.

I can't say much yet since it's still in development. The General idea is a carefully planned - coordinated promotional attack with specific targeting. The goal is to bring new users and investors with specific characteristics.

Resident Profile

In order to achieve that we are creating a "resident profile".
We need to know the preferences and habits of the metrics and dynamics of the native population.
This way we will find out what kind of characteristics and commons LEO residents have.

Please fill it and push it to other members too! The more data we have the fewer resources we ll need when we are ready to launch our campaign

HERE IS THE STUDY AGAIN: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vLu9bFtM-0braVVNjXsOTjS7xHNumLyyNMQoLAWqYgo

Your data

Your data are safe, I will use them only to get some key-value metrics.
As you can see I left some more sensitive fields "Optional"

Thank you in advance!


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