Personally, I don't see us getting down there. As many others like @edicted said, we've experienced bottoms in STEEM for years and $0.10 for HIVE seems relatively stable.

As always, it comes down to faith in the project/token. I have a lot of faith in Hive as a technology. I love building on it and it's extremely versatile for a project like LeoFinance. Our goal is to bring more users to our platform which means that Hive itself will get more users since Hive runs our backend.

With that said, HIVE as a cryptocurrency needs a lot of work. Either a lot of new projects need to get on here and buidl or we need to see a much better tokenomic structure put in place (or likely a mix of the two). Regardless, I hold a lot of HIVE for the benefit of LeoFinance as a second layer project and definitely see the use case for other projects to do the same.

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Just in case I've placed some flash crash orders. If we ever get down there i'll be double whale in a day.

A part of me wants us to get there, really. The other part simply wants to get out of this nightmare

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I agree that a lot of works to do to maintain hive. However, hive projects seem only for internal network. Why don't hive develooers try to expand partnertship with other start ups either from cryptos or non cryptosm

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