How To Really Take Advantage Of Infinite Amount Of Bitcoin, Years After The Actual Bitcoin Forks Series One

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     Eight years ago I had thousands of JavaScript generated Bitcoin cold storage wallets.What I am about to show you are seven of my cold storage wallets which are obviously legacy ones. Above is the image of one of those Bitcoin wallet which I am going to examine to once and for all be able to gauge how to dig deeper into the crazy world of forking the first ever cryptographic currency.


     Above is the screenshot of atleast 2 other forks that was being shown along with the legacy Bitcoin address which is the main focus of this exposition of ours. It shows that there are Bitcoin forks which can help us with this dream of ours to find treasures from fork stasis. You see there were articles years ago about how to take advantage of the fork as if they think that they are forecaster of some sort from a very far away galaxy. They explained that Bitcoin Cash and others are pump and dump coins so they must claim their fork coins and then exchange it immediately. At present BCH is playing at 500 Dollar levels so if you claimed it early in the game you missed this once in a lifetime chance of claiming it when it is more stable in the exchanges so to speak. Some stupid bunch insinuated that newer coins will have replay protection system of sorts and years later you cannot possibly claim your fork coins. They were wrong on all their stupid assumptions for they are after all the forks of the original.

     Thankfully, I did not listen to these idiots with their articles about their stupid assumptions and being pump and dump at the same time. The original or the legacy wallet is almost empty but unsurprisingly when I swept the legacy private key to Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold and others I was a proud scavenger of satoshi level Bitcoins. The stupid tutorials about claiming fork coins as soon as the fork takes effect is really stupid. Just think about claiming the fork coins of Mt. Gox wallets or the Silk Road ones which was confiscated and auctioned. Imagine how shocking it must be when you claim it April 2021.


     With a total of 7 micro transaction wallets I was able to get a total of 150 to 180 Philippine Peso which is roughly 4 US Dollars. Think of the opportunity which you might have missed when you claimed the fork coins immediately right after being forked. You must be banging your head right now.


     I swept my very own Bitcoin SV to a new wallet.


     Free Bitcoin SV from an 8 year old private keys from Bitcoin faucets.


     Swept to my new Bitcoin cash wallet. Same amount.

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