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        I don't believe that ODA
whom is the creator of One Piece manga will completely reveal the real
content of ONE PIECE. Which is why I am exposing the biggest secret that
will tilt the balance of power in the hands of the real heirs of the
Earth, Paradise and the Universe. ONE PIECE is real. It is not just a
property of some publisher or a writer as it is as REAL as our very
existence. ONE PIECE exist in our REAL WORLD.

        What then is ONE PIECE?
ONE PIECE is the piece of a law which was erased out of our
consciousness. This was erased by the same people whom invented the
CORONA (crown) VIRUS (poison) fiasco. You are right, as this is a
classic FREUDIAN slip wherein they accidentally revealed the real
content of the ONE PIECE LAW. If this was erased how was I able to piece
it together? There so many ways to squeeze this into re-existence by
piecing together all the available FREUDIAN slips and by citing excerpts
from very old COURT (sea vessel) decisions which was almost erased out
of existence.


        This is a very revealing
statement of the King of Kings as his statement was twisted in so many
crooked ways by the people whom are claiming to be the Ministry of
Truth. The Lord Jesus Christ is referring to us. The so-called ordinary
people are the true CAESAR (Emperor/King).


        In the medical health
industrial complex, another one of these seemingly surprising FREUDIAN
slip is the C SECTION or Caesarian Section. The "practicing" doctor (the
guy in butcher's gown) will pull a new CAESAR (Emperor) out of the
ovary. There is no way for the Ministry of Truth to twist this Freudian
slip any further. The so-called ordinary person or baby (bay bee) is an
Emperor and a King.


        Your hair is your
crowning glory. The first time that I heard this is when I was still a
fifth grade student and from that moment on I somehow knew that there is
something to it. This is your crown. The ordinary person wears a crown.
Why? The so-called ordinary person is an Emperor and a King.

THE GUARDIAN ANGEL. (Angel de la Guardia)

        Every single one of the
so-called ordinary person (meek) has a guardian angel. Do you ever
wonder why God assigns a guardian angel? Yes, I do wonder, but right now
after seeing all the items above this, somehow there is a growing
consensus that God assigns angel to those whom are fit for an Emperor
and King. You have a guardian angel primarily because you are a KING.


        The word "Christening"
is defined as the ceremony of announcing the subject as being given the
likeness of Jesus Christ. The baby or the cathechumen will become like
the King of Kings hence the word Christening. The water shall be dropped
on the CROWNING GLORY (hair or heir) of the new Emperor and the King.
The so-called ordinary baby (bay bee) or cathechumen is now officially
called an Emperor and a King. Christened or likened to our Lord Jesus
Christ whom is the King of Kings.


        The Garland around the
world map in the symbol of the United Nations is their way of hiding the
old knowledge about ONE PIECE. It is a very subtle way of reminding
ourselves as to who is the real EMPEROR. The so-called ordinary people
are the EMPERORS and the KINGS of Earth. The Earth according to the
symbol is full of EMPERORS and KINGS wearing an invisible crown.


        A court is a sea vessel
(bangka, barko, balanggay) in a dry dock (docket). A court is not a
location. The court will not move unless there is a CONTRACT. You need
the ship papers to leave the EARTH. Ask who owns the court, the answer
is The EMPEROR or THE KING. The Emperor is the executor. Since the real
EMPEROR and the KING is the so-called ordinary people (meek). They are
the owner of the court. The executor of the sea vessel. The judge does
not own the court. The judge is wearing a Roman CLERIC vestment
therefore the judge is just a CLERK (cleric). Our justice system is just
a big fat fraud. The EMPEROR/KING is the owner (ordinary people) of the
court. This is the real dilemma of a law student. After a few years of
studying law they will come across this concept which is the ONE PIECE
LAW. They will ask themselves if they shall continue with this insanity
or is it time to drop out of law school before it is too late to get out
the extortion racket which is called by the brainwashed masses as the
JUST US (justice) system.


Number (1). LUTHER VERSUS BORDEN, 48 US 1, 12 LED 581 - "government are
but trustees, acting under derived authority and have no power to
delegate what is not delegated to them. But the people, as the original
fountain, might take away what they have delegated and entrust to whom
they please..." "The sovereignty on every state resided in the people of
the state and they may alter or change their form of government at their
own pleasure"

Number (2). CHISOLM VERSUS GEORGIA 2 DALL 440, AT PG. 471 - "at the
revolution the sovereignty devolved on the people and they are truly the
sovereigns of the country, but are sovereigns without subjects... and
have none to govern but themselves, the citizens of America(or your
country) are equal as fellow citizens and joint tenants in the

Number (3). OHIO L. INS. & T. CO. VERSUS DEBOLT, 16 - "It will be
admitted on all hands with the exception of the powers granted to the
states and the federal government, through the Constitutions, the people
of several states are unconditionally sovereign within their respective

Number (4). LANSING VERSUS SMITH, (1829) 4 WENDELL 9, 20 (NY) - "people
of a state are entitled to all rights which formerly belong to the KING
by his prerogative"

        Now these COURT(Freudian
Slip) decisions are pointing us towards the real content of the ONE
PIECE LAW. The so-called ordinary people (meek) are the KINGS and QUEENS
of PARADISE, Earth and Universe. The government are just trustees
(caretaker). The UNITED NATIONS are just trustees. The spy organizations
(including CIA) are just trustees. The WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM are just
trustees. All of these lap dogs are just trustees. Meaning they are
really powerless.


        The year 1997 brought us
the movie TITANIC (TITANS are equals of gods). Well the Titanic sank. I
am the King of the World is what Jack (the pauper who came from lower
deck of the ship) said in that motion picture. I am the King of Pirates
is what Gol D. Roger said in the manga ONE PIECE (1998) . Incidentally
his ship is named Oro Jackson (Golden Son of Jack). Although the most
recent chapters of the manga series is somewhat suggesting Gol D. Roger
is said to have stated that he is the King of the World. Jack Sparrow is
the captain of the Black Pearl. Jack and the beanstalk is really about
Jack the giant slayer. In the psychological operations called nursery
rhyme we are being reminded that JACK and JILL (jail) went up the hill
(HELL) and a CROWN (CORONA) was mentioned as well. Jack is the name of
the new God in the TV Series entitled Supernatural before it ended. He
is the son of Sam (Shem) and Dean (Dan is the name of the original
family whom has knowledge of the real history of the world). And almost
everyday we honor THE ORIGINAL family by performing in a ritual which we
label as DANCE (DAN'S). By the way the ORIGINAL FAMILY still exist and
they pass all their historical knowledge from one generation through the
next. Meaning the history which we were forced to swallow are a bunch of
fake plastic trees. Only the ORIGINAL family can truly and proudly keep
the secret forever.


        Knowledge about the
whereabouts of the new born King of Kings turned three ordinary men into
KINGS. King Herod (the caretaker) and his men have all the resources in
the world including the knowledge about the prophecy of prophet ISAIAH
but they failed to locate the KING OF KINGS. They even failed to kill
the KING OF KINGS. The THREE WISE MEN became KINGS simply by pinpointing
the exact location of The KING OF KINGS. Although it is not really
simple as it looks. They became KINGS by the dictates of the ONE PIECE
LAW. They are ordinary people.


        King David's rise to the
throne of the chosen land is complicated to say the very least. There
were so many distractions which were put in place by design to make it
look as if our concept of ONE PIECE will not be seen at face value. The
Goliath arc is one of those distraction but it is pretty much similar to
Jack and the beanstalk story which eventually became Jack the giant
slayer. Coincidence?

        David was actually an
ordinary man. David was an ordinary shepherd. David is a meek. Saul was
the King for quite sometime. Saul and his wicked intentions ended his
kingdom in a snap. The living GOD decided to utilize the services of a
prophet who goes by the name JEREMIAH to look for a new KING. It was
said that GOD was not looking for anyone in particular. HE does not even
know the face behind the "new" KING. GOD anointed DAVID with the help of
JEREMIAH. GOD knew that the meek in this world can become a KING in a
heartbeat by virtue of ONE PIECE LAW. You can pick just about anyone
simply because everyone whom is not a SERVANT or CARETAKER of real KINGs
and QUEENS can readily become a KING. Jesus is the KING of KINGS and his
bloodline came from KING DAVID whom is just an ordinary person (meek).


        There were voters in the
recently concluded elections which were asked by the Board of Election
inspectors to sign A WAIVER or else they will have to wait for their
votes to be counted. Why are they asking for a WAIVER? There is
obviously only one logical reason for this fiasco. You are a KING and
they are asking you to surrender your power as a KING by putting a
SIGNATURE in your written WAIVER. All of the available government and
corporate document will ask for your SIGNATURE as this is your SEAL as
the KING AND QUEEN of this world. We were fooled for the longest time by
these scammers whom are making us think that we are just powerless
beings whom are sons and daughters of ADAM AND EVE whom by the way are
the very first KING and QUEEN of Paradise, Earth and Universe.


        The words plaintiff and
defendant are corporate terms. Why is it being used by the JUST US
(justice) system? Simply because they are trying to obtain the exclusive
JURISDICTION over us ( ordinary people/meek ). They are trying their
very best for the longest time to turn you into a corporate property.
The court (sea vessel) CLERK (cleric) will point a gun at you (with the
assistance of a sheriff) to make you submit to their will. They will
reason out that they have jurisdiction over you simply because they can
put handcuffs on you or simply because they put you in a detention
facility (jail). This is a classic case of coercion. This is how a
criminal organization works. Coercion is not equal to consent and vice
versa. This is illegal detention. The modern day court is just a FRAUD.
You are a KING and you are the owner of the COURT (ship or sea vessel) .
Do not allow this Corporate Clowns to rule over you. You are not a
property of any government registered corporation.

        Pontius Pilate was the
last JUDGE in the real history of the world. When he poured water unto
his hands, he automatically ABANDONED THE SHIP (COURT). The religious
sector are always saying that the washing of hands was his way of saying
that he is absolving himself from his shortcomings. That is a lie. The
wife of Pontius Pilate is the follower of the KING OF KINGS. So Pontius
Pilate ABANDONED THE SHIP (Court) because he knew very well that he does
not have JURISDICTION over the KING OF KINGS as Jesus Christ is
automatically the owner of the court (ship or sea vessel) . He became
the last JUDGE since the real owner of the court appeared right before
his very eyes. It is not a coincidence that there is a courtroom scene
in the Gospel of the Disciples of JESUS CHRIST. At the same time it is
not a coincidence that we are being CHRISTENED by pouring water over our
crowning glory and not being submerged in water as believed by misguided
fanatics whom are not aware that submerging your body means ABANDON
SHIP. Washing hands in a COURTROOM means abandon ship. If you can force
the FAKE JUDGE to stand from where he is sitting and abandon his
chambers, you are successful in making him ABANDON HIS SHIP (Court) .
Tell him that you will not let the scam to go on any further as you are
the owner of the court (ship or sea vessel). Do not say yes or nod to a
FAKE JUDGE as this is how they obtain CORPORATE LEVEL JURISDICTION over
you. The trick is to make you sign a contract by means of verbal consent
which makes it a legal verbal contract. There is a way around this
deception in the court (ship or sea vessel). Always say "I OBJECT" to
their shenanigans (well, only when it is logical to say "I object"). Do
not call the Judge (clerk) as what the brainwashed masses call him such
as YOUR HONOR (yuck). Always call all him the CLERK as he is wearing the
vestments of a ROMAN CLERIC therefore he is a just a CLERK. Always ask.
"Do you know this person whom is being called the defendant?" "I am just
here to ask whom is the subject of discourse of this court?" Never
assume that you are the subject of discourse in the court (sea vessel)
for it is their job to present pieces of evidence that YOU ARE the
subject. Next it is their job to present pieces of evidence that you are
under their JURISDICTION. The court cannot or is not capable of legally
obtaining enough papers to serve as evidence as to who you really are.
how you ask as a KING. "Who is the subject of the discourse in this
COURT?" You should ask these questions since they are making you think
that they know your identity. The prosecutor is always required to
submit evidence as to who the defendant really is. Truth be told, it is
impossible to obtain all the required documentation in order to have YOU
under their exclusive JURISDICTION. So they will cleverly try over and
over again to coerce you to verbalize a consent also known as a verbal
contract. Truth be told the PROSECUTOR is the extension of the JUDGE
(CLERIC/CLERK). The judge is not impartial since there is an ongoing
conspiracy between the JUDGE and the PROSECUTOR. The conspiracy is to
deceive you into thinking that they are not conniving. Whenever the
Prosecutor makes a blunder the FAKE JUDGE (clerk) will be there to
rescue him. The attorney, the judge and the prosecutor are BAR exam
passers. They pledged allegiance (oath taking) to the ruler of England
whom is the FAKE KING Elizabeth II (he is a man). They all pledged
allegiance to an unhinged caretaker ( trustee ). They are traitors. All
of them.


        There is always a clever
way out of all this shenanigans. Yes it is true that the shadow banking
system is using your BIRTH CERTIFICATE to print "monies." Your name is
printed in ALL CAPS therefore you are their slave and you are not a
KING. Truth be told, my first name came from a GERMAN word which means
REBELLIOUS or The one who will not bow, yield or surrender (Rommel) and
my surname means THE SON OF GOD (Dominguez) and I was born at the INFANT
JESUS HOSPITAL. Is it just a COINCIDENCE? They have this habit of
playing with words. So fight with words. Names are words with
definiendum so do not name your kids with words which sounds good. Name
them with something clever so these diabolical people cannot obtain
JURISDICTION over you. My name means that I am the Rebellious Son of
God. My ancestors were clever enough to make this all work for me and
for all of us. Give your kids a very clever name to make the unhinged
caretakers cringe in their seats. Remember, you are the Kings and Queens
no matter what they say.


        Heads of state and their
representatives(diplomats) are just trustees. They are allegedly signing
cross border activated agreements by using special powers of attorney.
Bretton Woods agreement is an example of an illegally signed agreement.
The real Kings and Queens (which refers to us the meek) did not consent
to the signing of this agreement so they are appealing for a great reset
and a new Bretton Woods Scam. The so called elites does not have
authority over us. They cannot sign on our behalf by virtue of SPA.
Which is why they are clever enough to invent the CORONA virus vaccine.
When you say yes to this, you are consenting to the New Bretton Woods
Social Contract and the contract will be inside your body. Special
powers of attorney to sign international contracts is deprecated and the
the "new" way to get our powerful consent is through CORONA virus


        For thousands of years
the trustees are resetting history and erasing everything that will
allow us to remember who we really are. It is their eternal methodology
to make themselves think that they are winning and they are in control.
Now we know who we really are. Now we have the option to retake the
power whenever we want or just keep silent and continue to make them
think that they are winning and they are in control. With ONE PIECE LAW
each and everyone of us are the Sovereign. They will try to confuse us
over and over again but it will not work anymore.


        Just think about it. It
started in Switzerland. They are making us think that we are worthless
but the ONE PIECE LAW is the primordial force that is forcing them to
resort to this piece of concept. They need something as a diversion to
the return of our power.


        The game of CHESS is a
parallel of the ONE PIECE LAW. When the weakest piece which is the PAWN
reaches the end of the board the meek will become the most powerful
piece in the game board. It means that when the meek or PAWN discovers
the ONE PIECE, the ordinary becomes the most powerful since it empowers
the PAWN by guaranteeing that the ONE PIECE LAW will give to us all the
knowledge that we are really the SOVEREIGN. Anyways the game of life is
real and it is a CHESS BOARD or similar to it.


        Adam and Eve was
banished from paradise after signing a contract with the Rebellious
Angels. The contract is about enslaving all of the descendants of Adam
and Eve. They both signed the contract after the Rebellious Angels told
them whom they really are which is stated in the ONE PIECE LAW. It is a
very clever contract indeed until the Son of God came into this Earth
and destroyed the contract.


        Redemption is all about
being freed from slavery by the Son of God. The contract (In form of a
stone engraved with the stipulations and signature of Adam and Eve) for
thousands of years was placed by the Rebellious Angel beneath the waters
of Jordan River. Jesus Christ stood exactly at the top of the contract
before his baptism so when he was baptized(Coronation as King of Kings)
he was standing on top of the contract which nullified, decimated and
annihilated 50% of the contract. Rebellious Angels took the remaining
half in HELL for safekeeping. When he died at the CROSS he redeemed all
of the ORIGINAL CONTRACTS of all men including those whom died which is
why he descended into HELL. When he finally set foot in HELL he
destroyed the remaining 50% of THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT. The rebellious
Angels thought that killing HIM will place HIM back in Heaven but since
he is not under the JURISDICTION of the Rebellious Angels JESUS was able
to redeem all those whom was enslaved by the ORIGINAL CONTRACT. The
contract was completely destroyed(nullified) restoring the power of the


        If you are clever enough
you can ask for the cure for all diseases and ailments in this Earth. As
a KING AND QUEEN you are entitled to all the patented inventions
including those of the OLD KINGDOM. You own all those patents,
trademarks, copyrights, discoveries and rediscoveries as a true KING and
QUEEN. Remember all of that until your final breath.


        Everything that happened
in the past three years is a parallel of of what happened during the
NIXON SHOCK. THE Centralized Banking System is the biggest PONZI scheme
in the history of mankind. Every time it falls THEY find ways to reset
it so that no one would notice that it fell. Event 201 is a
commemoration of the 1818 novel entitled (DOCTOR) FRANKENSTEIN. The
October 2019 table top exercise occurred 201 years after the the
publishing year of the said novel. It is about GOD COMPLEX and multiple
personality disorder. COINCIDENCE? The Repo Market Collapse occurred
September 2019 and it created a New Bank of England Model Machine in the
United States of America. Market forces is now non-existent and Federal
Reserve is just a money supplier. You think that after a few semesters
of Economics related subjects, you will know how this PONZI scheme work?
Think again. We have a "monetary" system but people will still go
hungry. The animals living around this Earth do not have a taxation
system but they can eat everything for free. Animals do not even have a
health care system but they are still existent. Animals do not even have
a rent control law but they have places to live. If you think that
"modern men" are intelligent, think again. Policies of Public Servants
are creations of stupid minds.


Rats are Stars. And Stars are Rats. ENTERTAINMENT industry is the worst
of all the concepts ever created by the so called ELITES. Everything is
being repeated and recycled. This year's fad was similar to something we
saw forty years ago. You will notice that FASHION is a Groundhog Day
thing. Plagiarism is rampant but they are turning a blind eye. And
Pedophilia is being normalized. Drug dependency is being normalized.
Immoral routine is being normalized. These pieces of trash are being
called ROLE MODELS. These fakes are role models? The past three years
are the best since every single one them lost their STAR(rats) POWER. I
am glad that they showed their true colors as they were referred by
participants in the EVENT 201 as the source of SOFT POWER.


The TED talks and clones of such fakery is just a monologue echo chamber
of those who were consumers of Amphetamines. They have all the Academic
titles and honors under their sleeves but they are just drug dependent's
who fell prey to the temptations created by the socially degraded
society. It will be chaotic since we are all KINGS AND QUEENS but do not
make us think that you are superior for you are just another failure of
Modern Society.


        It started as divination
using black mirrors. Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of
them all? This is how the concept of surveillance system started. And
who won after utilizing angel magic and surveillance. No one. The
protagonist(SNOWHITE) is unaware that someone is using surveillance
system against her. The one doing the spooking and spying will just
consume themselves with paranoia and lust for more angel power which is
why they will fail. The no contact apprehension policy is the final
solution to clip the powers of the real KINGS and QUEENS of the Earth,
Paradise and Universe. It started as a supposed quarantine so that
people will not see the bulk deliveries of CCTV cameras from China into
airports of different countries in this Earth. You will have fake
freedom again only to find out that there are flying cameras(drones) and
fixed cameras on the ground. You will be steadfast in saying that you
have nothing to hide but how about those who setup those cameras. What
are they afraid of? It is the power of ONE PIECE LAW. FIN.

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