Witnessing The Parabolic Rise Of Ethereum

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     The image above is from a blogging platform which was once a great place for enthusiastic writers to express themselves almost perfectly. Nowadays, it is really a very tough place to earn even a single or half a cent. No pun intended. In fairness to them they kept my earnings for a year and they did not touch it. They are trustworthy which is an accurate description as to how they handled my Ether earnings for more than a year. The story about this will be the main focus of this specific piece. Please bear with me and read from start to finish.


     The phenomenal rise of Ethereum may as well be fuelled by the news of Bitcoin's meteoric rise to universal layman's adoption or maybe it is being pumped by its future use cases or maybe it is Decentralized Finance. Or maybe it is the NFT's fault or a combination of all anticipated or maybe it is the unpredictable nature of Ethereum 2.0 . Anyways the volatility is my main point of focus. It allowed my 10 dollar earnings from a year ago to multiply 10 folds. It is considered as a micro-transaction but nevertheless it allowed me to get more out of this 10 Dollars worth of Ethers from the year before this one.


     Above is how much Hive tokens I was able to purchase with the 10 Dollars worth of Ethers from March of last year. Holding Crypto Currencies has never been this rewarding. More than 200 Hive tokens for a micro-transaction of Ethereum in a wallet being held by the beta version of Cent. I requested a payout a few weeks ago. Voila my Hive and Leo Coins were powered up a couple of days later.


     The smart contract which delivered the Ethers that supposedly belongs to me delivered bulk transactions which is fascinating from my point of view. I never thought that after a year of holding on the micro-ethers that they would actually do it for real. So what can I say. Thanks a lot Cent for everything. I doubted you and truth be told I never planned to keep the Ethers in your wallet for so long. It just so happens that Ethereum has risen and will continue to rise and I happened to be in the right place and right time to help it grow in value. Or is it that fiat money is growing less in value. This is the real state of state owned fiat all over the world.


     By the way Cent is one of the first to adopt magic link. Magic Link puts the password form to shame. They don't have one, as you can see. I am logged in even though I haven't placed any password.



      I requested a payout last March 14. At first I was hopeful that I will receive my 150 Dollars worth of Ethers which was worth 10 to 11 Dollars last year. Ethereum's rise and the proof of the pudding is in the eating. This is the proof of request and rest is history.



     I have earned at least 2 Leo Tokens after my introductory post went live in this platform so to speak. Thanks a lot for all your help. I hope that you will support my subsequent post more than the pilot run.


     You might be wondering what happened to 260 Hive Tokens. Well I bought a couple of kilograms of Turnips. I'm salivating.

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