Hydrogen is the new Black (Oil)

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The Olympic flame, a beacon of hope for many nations across the world, especially in a time of despair as the pandemic embraces the world in a cloak of death and destruction.

The Olympic flame has always been a beacon of hope and the Olympics always forces each host nation to enhance its technological development. From upgraded IT systems, transport, housing solutions, agriculture and many more. Each nation is better off after hosting an Olympics. It doesn't come without controversy as the poor are often neglected and Tokoyo too saw many protesting the Olympics for fear of a COVID out break.

But beyond that a new world resource has been taken to a new hight one that was side tracked for batteries. Hydrogen the Olympic torch is burning hydrogen, I wouldn't recommend getting close too it as burning hydrogen also produces nitrogen oxide which poses its own risks which can be easily mitigated in combustion engines through exhausts.

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In fact most of the Tokoyo 2020(21) Olympics is being powered through Hydrogen. From housing, to the vehicles being driven around the village. After the nuclear reactor failures in Fukushima, Japan has fully invested in Hydrogen technology and creation. This is the end of the middle east's dominance on oil trade and the rise of Japan.

Here's Why

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Electric batteries generate a significant amount of heat and are unstable despite what many suggest at being safe.

As lastnight Australia's Tesla battery erupted in a mega fire which burns too hot for traditional fire fighters. As seen in that horrendous accident in the states where a car lost control, crashed and incinerated the vehicle and its passengers. It is not a practical or reliable energy source (my opinion).

They also require mass solar and wind energy to charge and they sit idle. Hydrogen too can be developed through the use of wind and solar energy as it splits hydrogen atoms separating it from either oxygen, natural gas or biomass (methane) all those sewage farms sitting idle by wasting those precious methane gas, your farts could literally power the world.

In a Hive motors post I wrote how 24% of the global CO2 emissions are attributed to transportation such as cars, buses, trucks etc and completely removing this carbon emitting sector would drastically reduce C02 emissions. It would also destabilise the middle east as crude oil is big business for them. But so too would each nation producing their own electricity and power as trade routes would collapse.

Hydrogen can continue to build on current trade routes and Japan is about to leverage off this and have constructed their first hydrogen transportation carrier. They intend on creating and selling hydrogen just like oil.

can it be used in combustion engines?

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Yes! Hydrogen engines work in two ways either as a hydrogen fuel cell that mixes with oxygen from outside or as burning in a hydrogen combustion engine with the use of injectors similar to fossil fuel current models of cars.

I quite like the sound of that as I get to hear the roar of a V8 engine and not the silence of an electric vehicle.

It also gets more milage which is why GM is currently investigating the use of hydrogen in big rigs for long haul transportation to continue the road network. Without trucks nations stop.


Toyota also just test drove their first fully powered combustion hydrogen engine on the race track and will be going into production.

How does it sound?
Watch video here

Like a regular car and such a beautiful sound that combustion engine makes. The race driver also couldn't tell it was hydrogen.

So as the world grapples with new energy sources and significant interest and promotion continues to focus on electricity and batteries. Hydrogen silently dominates the back ground and with Japan's recent tech advancements in this sector. It won't be long until your car is powered by hydrogen and global trade routes replace crude oil for hydrogen.

What does it mean for global peace and stability with the middle east? That's yet to be known.

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The best thing about hydrogen is that Australia is sitting in the prime seat for production and export and might lessen the impact and speed up the transitions of the dwindling coal industry

Yup, we have Toyota and Hyundai hydrogen cars currently in Australia about to go into production. Prototypes are already being trialled and there are promising opportunities.

$75m has been allocated to the trials and infrastructure upgrades needed.

I tend to be very skeptical of Hydrogen due to Nikola but I am not sure if hydrogen will be the solution. I think they will all kind of have these issues.

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I don't think batteries are going away anytime soon but I do believe Hydrogen will have its share of the market too. There is a lot of research going on.

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