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RE: Hive: Providing Much Of What People Need

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I need to go back and read it in full, it's a good project and will be an expensive one to invest into. Lots of tokens making up all different functions.

It's a great model because it allows people to focus on what they want out of it. If you're a vlogger, speculator, want to mine it has it all.

That will help it remain open and not dominated by a few whales. I think that's what holds crypto back which is why I'm interested in the new forms of defi where there are taxes and mass amounts of tokens.

They're designed for long-term sustainability and not pump and Dumps. With projects you want to keep new money coming in and not have it impacted by whale pump and Dumps.

It's great.

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I am also going through it again to get a better handle on things. Your assessment is what I see also. This is something that has a long term focus and not just a quick money hit.

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Yup, which is a good thing also gives me time to focus on Buidl and not miss out having to rush in. Of course the miners will always be highly valued.

It's a great network, let's see if it can rival YouTube

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Wow that is a tall task but a good one.

The great thing is Spknetwork is not just a site but a true platform for others to build upon. That is a big advantage and could lead to enormous growth.

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