Money Do Have Wings - A Debtor's Tale

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I had this thought about what debtors may be thinking when they owe sometime ago but was remembered again when I notice another doing the exact same thing... Owing money unnecessarily. For me, I think owing money isn't an unavoidable situation, it is almost like a habit cultivated and once accepted will be hard to get rid of.

I've met a lot of people who find joy in spending other people's money instead of theirs, although they won't say it that way when they want to ask for some lending. They always have excuses to why they need your money, never an excuse to make their own money and avoid debts.

And sadly, some institutions are established to allow these set of persons to borrow even bigger amounts of money which some of them later find hard to pay back because of that same reason they had went to borrow the money... Laziness or procrastination or greed for easy life.

Of course, there are situations that can't be helped so borrowers have to be borrowers to get out of some mess that are solvable with money. But this post is directed to those debtors who tend to borrow at impulse, anytime and without thinking much on how to get the money on their own first.

A Debtor's Tale

There was this lady who comes to visit a friend of mine a lot in our hostel here at school. Somehow she only comes when my friend has some money sent to her by her parents. This lady would come, give a long tale of how broke she is and how fast her little money got finished... She once asked if money had wings because she argued that she didn't spent some money but couldn't find the money.

My good friend would give her some from hers and sometimes, she rubs me into it and get some money from me as well so she could help her friend in hopes that we will get the money from her when her parents sends her money too. The first times she did it, we didn't care about the many weeks we had to ask when she would pay back since we took her as a friend.

But the habit got scary when she said something about my friend and I having enough money so no need to pay back what she owe. Was she for real? We decided not to lend her any money again. She tagged us as being stingy and wicked to her. In the world of habitual debtors, is there a thing called stingy? Yes, it's their general word when they don't get the money they want from their prospects.

A Debtor's thoughts

How do I spend the money? (Money they're about to lend from someone).
How do I not pay back? (avoiding their responsibility).
Do money have wings? (When they spent borrowed money on unnecessary things).
I can't keep owing people money, I need to pay up (they borrow money to pay their debts).
I should spend this money wisely since I'll be paying back.
I'll just borrow another when I spend it all.

The sad thing is that, debtors will still be in our countries because there are just those people who can't turn a blind eye from those who ask them for help. Debtors hardly take good advices about money because they tend to look at money from the lazy point of view and not them working for it. These people are almost never investors because they just try to survive daily with the money they borrow.

What do you think about debtors and those who lend to them? There won't be debtors if there are no lenders right?

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Na this kain story dey make person dey wicked because me nor understand at all.... what impetus??

The fact is that she perceived your kindness to be a license for her to loot you guys all in the name of about you telling her that you also need money too and she should borrow you small?...she will flee for as long as !

They avoid responsibilities, soft life with lies as the headline....I remember whenever I spend unnecessary it use to hurt me will see me beating myself up. I hate borrowing talkless of being a debtor!

Don't mind her haha
At least she made us realize that we were dashing her money instead of borrowing to get it back so we stopped giving her money we need.

Being a debtor is scary abeg

She is trying abeg....and am sure that one day all this would come as repercussions which won't be taken lightly!

Awwwww thanks so much🌺🌺🌺

You have said most of it and in support of what you have said, I want to add that people borrow money because they want to do what they know they can't do. Most times is jealous and misplaced priorities that make people borrow money.

Well like you said there are sometimes when we can't help it but then we just have to put it as the last option and not the first.

Yes, that too
Misplaced priorities is causing a lot of people to do what they shouldn't.

I like your contribution, thanks for stopping by my love 😊

You're don talk am finish.

Well you know it's my pleasure, if only I can be chanced to visit you all the time I would be really happy, it's been a while 😊.

Lol... It's fine my dear, your once in a while visit is beautiful too 😊

Hehehe, I know you won't mind but I do, you don't know that when I'm not reading from you as I should I'm losing some knowledge 😏, I don't want to be losing anyone 😌.

Wahala o 😂😂
Okay na, I'm expecting you in my next knowledge post 🤣

Hahaha, yes, I look forward to being there 🤭🤗

The woman that you used to be helpful to...Ugh. Typical manipulative person to call you names after you stop helping, it shows she did not appreciate it in the first place! Some people see kindness as weakness, and I'll never get that 😩😕

There is an important lesson here, for some there will never be enough! It is not our job to support such behavior, it will just drain us. I'm glad you drew a boundary in respect of yourself 🤗

That is the sad truth, she didn't appreciate it so she tried to take advantage of it 😒

I really hope we have less of such people around us, it's kinda toxic sometimes

I used to be a big expender and not too good at savings - that was a hard time in my life. For about 20 years I've been debt free, and always very careful as to how to give out our hard-earned money. Of course, buying a house or car is a different story but I believe fundamentally that owing money to someone is a form of slavery.

Great insights, @merit.ahama!


I can relate with who used to be before... I spend a lot before too but somehow I've put a limit to it as well.

Slavery is a good way to put it, thanks for stopping by

There are people who genuinely need a helping hand at times to get back on their feet, then there are those who are completely irresponsible with money, theirs, and the money they borrow from others. My husband and I have this agreement... neither of us buys any big-ticket items on impulse. We research and we sleep on it! You will be surprised how many things you can fall for that seem so unnecessary the following day !LOLZ ... I actually don't ever want much...simply because I have relatively simple needs. This helps! !PIZZA

I went to visit the wife's grave today.
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You will be surprised how many things you can fall for that seem so unnecessary the following day

This is a good strategy, I'm taking a note of it... Will have it as a habit as well.

Thanks for stopping by Sam 🙂

I find this habit very disgusting and annoying. Such people always feel like they are smarter than everyone else. I terribly hate it. I don't give out money I can't give away.

That is it my dear, don't give out money you can't give away... That is what have been helping me till now

I will continue to stick to that. I have a weakness of not being able to say no. I always go out of my way to help. So doing that saves me.

Yeah, it's best that way when it's hard to say no 🥲

I think owing money isn't an unavoidable situation,

This is arguable though but I also know there are people who just loves borrowing.

It's also quite true that spending borrowed money is sweeter😂

Nice post dear
The part of borrowing with no plans of paying back got me😂

Lol... I wonder why that part got you, I hope it's not what I'm thinking 😂

Can we give it a try😂

No, thank you 😂
You're not to be trusted

Ouch.... Trusted human being like me

Continue to deceive yourself ehn 😂

You and your amazing post 🥰, dreemport said I should come and say you should keep it up, hehe.

Haha thanks my love 🥰❤️

You are always welcome dear 😘

Wow, your story is very relatable to my situation @merit.ahama. Some come to borrow from me and when I ask for it back, it's as if I'm the one who owes them. The situation becomes difficult if it's not a friend, but the borrower is family.

Yeah, it's always harder with family lol
They almost never want to pay back

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Being a debtor can be addictive, a psychology based study should be done to actually confirm what goes on in the minds of chronic and unrepentant debtors.

Came via @dreemport

Lol that study would make a lot of sense and make life easier 🥲