Foue Reasons We Need MORE CUB DEFI Posts

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How many of us have read the following sentiment expressed in the comments, or even in the actual posts:

"Every other post is about DeFi"

And thought to ourselves: "Maybe I won't write a post asking about multiplyers today."

Here are FOUR reasons why you should.

1) Our Community is not so big.

If LEO was a kid at soccer game, and our community was the parents in the stands, we would be the parents with matching shirts, pom poms, lawn chairs, picnic blankets, and coolers filled to the brim. We would be the people with the grandparents in tow, having to use wagons to pull all our goods.


Let us say now that CUB is our LEO soccer player, all grown up. He is the High School Senior who has been playing varsity for four years. He gets straight A's. Is BMOC and Prom KING. He is polite, and generous, honest and sincere. He is hardworking and constant.

And we are still the same parents.

Should we all of a sudden become modest and start being quiet because people are getting tired of hearing us?


Now is the time to keep being loud. We want those college scouts, we want the newspaper attention, we want everyone to hear about our CUB!

So, while it seems like our community is flooded with CUB. It is not, we just happen to be an excited bunch. Keep sharing.

For those people who think there are too many CUB posts, there is a simple solution: write and post about something else. We want to read that too.

2) I still can't tell you what a multiplier is

And from the posts I read, a lot of people are still figuring out a lot of stuff.


Until any one of us can randomly read any one of @edicted's posts and understand it we need to keep writing until we are sure we know it.

Remember, if you can't explain it, you don't really know it.

3) The LeoFinance Team is Really Smart

They didn't airdrop cub on us because they are so magnanimous. They know they airdropped to a bunch of bloggers who share on social media.

Do your job. Write your post.

And remember, anyone who is getting tired of reading about CUB is welcome to write an article about anything else (Finance Related) to offset out excitement.

4) Google doesn't know how to answer: How much is my bleo bnb LP worth -goose

Screenshot 20210321 at 8.46.49 PM.png

There are no recent articles. March 10? That's like so five minutes ago

I know there are some tutorials out there about how to maximize your SEO. Or, you could have article after article on leofinance, and google will know where to point people who research such nonsense like: How much is my bleo bnb lp worth.

Feel Free to share your cub article in the link

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I haven’t started yet but I think I’m a start with cub and do some defi content on my channel. I think it will be cool to document my journey with some different defi projects

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Good luck if you decide to start. It is definitely not for everyone.

If you decide to start, I would love to follow along.

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To be fair when my family came to watch me play I ALWAYS played badly so they would drop me off and “leave” abs by the time I got into it they’d show up lol so I was already so in the game I don’t notice they watching

But I get your point! We defs supporting it with our cash but it needs more marketing but I think that should be done outside this place

I’ve been talking about it on noise cash but I think a worthwhile task would be to start looking at every site that mentions BSC defi and watching out to them

If they writing about goose or sashimi they should be keen on cub

So my oldest is a Scientist, and was recently awarded for her Science Fair Project. She won two categories and placed in two. She would not let me listen to her zoom meetings because I "make her nervous."

So all those Scientists and Doctors don't make you nervous, but Mama does? lol

I get it that we need to write outside our ecosystem - but sharing it here is really important too. For one, lots of our articles are shared on twitter and for two, anyone who wants to know more about CUB is pointed here.

Imagine showing up to your kids school, and having no information about your kids cause they want "other people" to share?

But yes, we need to share here and outside of here.

Thank you for reading and commenting.

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That is so true, we need more to get the word out. On the question you put Google, I think it can come mostly from someone internal. :)

Maybe someone external would ask what is bLeo or CUBfinance.

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I want google to find EVERYTHING for me. Some people get to ask SIRI what's in their fridge, why can't I ask about my LP without bumping into record sales for the blues?

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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