How Millennials Can Invest Their Time and Grow a Substantial Retirement Account

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I am the oldest millennial.

Some charts will call me the youngest generation exer but my plethora of participation trophies, honors, and awards, and the fact that I had access to the internet since the 3rd grade plus my inability (or un wanted ability) to pay back my student loans makes me

the truest millennial of them all

Other non privlidges I have been exposed to include:

I am Native American
My Parents didn't teach me english at birth
I went to "bad" schools
I was able to buy a house, and am deeply in debt because of it
I still think it was a great "investment"
I don't have a traditional job
I cashed out all my traditional retirements to purchase my home
I live paycheck to paycheck


I too can build a retirement account, by investing my time, and earning crypto

The current retirement age in California is 67.

I have 27 years left to build a crypto empire that will sustain a lifestyle in 2049.

I have been working on it since 2018, and with minor investments (pizza money investments as I called them) and lots of time - I have built a good base layer to grow upon.

Last week, I wrote about Hive's stable coin HBD, and how can use its 20% interest rate to reach millionaire status

That would be enough for retirement.

And there are more opportunities.

Let's take leo for example.

Screenshot 20220429 4.13.45 PM.png

If you start with 500 LEO, and add 10 LEO in every month, figure out how to delegate or curate to have it pay you 10%, after 27 years you will have $23,957 LEO.

But what if many of LEO's projects go as planned, and the website is used a whole lot,and the ad's start paying more, and the price of LEO moons, and in 27 years LEO is worth $5USD each?

In 27 years with minimal investments, you could have $119,785 USD.

This math works because we are using high interest rates, small investments, and TIME.

30 years is a long time from now, but the time will pass wether we put crypto pennies to work or not.

Other projects paying at least 10%

  • Delegating to qurator (about 10%)
  • Delegating to Ecency (about 10-20%)
  • Holding SIM (about 40%)
  • Holding HIVE POWER (2.85 + whatever you earn in curation)
  • Spinvest (don't even ask, we rich)
  • Brocoin (high percentages too)
  • Hive Hustler - (double check the math- but it looks to be multyplying)

These are just some of the opportunities, but because the HIVE Blockchain is vast there are many, many more

Like listnerds... and CTP who are disrupting affilliate marketing.

The real and actual truth is that this may not work out

There are many things working against crypto

You have to watch your investments to make sure they don't dwindle down to zero.

You have to pay attention to the teams behind the projects cause if the project is centered around them, and they stop, so does your flow.

You have to keep on top of new opportunities, and see how you can keep growing.

You have to watch out for taxes and penalties

You are in charge of your own money, you can't lose your keys,and have "someone" send you new ones.

You have to be like mad eye moody and be constantly vigilant.

But you can do it, its possible, and the steps to get started are already outlined for you

We can keep talking about all the reasons we won't be able to disrupt the financial system so deeply that millennials with no traditional savings accounts will be able to "retire"

We can concentrate on how we don't know what the future holds, or how we won't know if Hive will "make it"

Or we can start investing bits here and there - along with long chunks of time and create our own road maps.

Let our investments be like fingerprints, each unique, and let's make each a winner.

All of them won't win, but let's find enough winners to disrupt our personal financial future by giving ourselves personal financial freedoms.

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There are quite a number of ways to make investments here on Hive or Crypto in general. Whichever one one chooses, its best to stay true to it focusing on the long term return.

And of course, hoping that the hunger of Pizza today does not sway your plans😅😅

It is funny, because when I was investing $50 at a time, it seemed like a really big deal. Now $50 wont get you very far.

Right?... Currency value keeps depreciating. One more reason for an investment that appreciates the value of your input over time.

Smart investments over dormant savings.

Oldest of the Millennial group eh, my oldest son was born in 1999 and has his priorities somewhat in order, maxed an IRA for a few years now plus some crypto yet I think diversifying into more passive incomes like your many delegating to that pay well are great ideas. I love @qurator is he around here on Hive still? I also recently put most of my HP into @psyberx for some onboarding initiative plus the profits for some HP there is very nice right now since it includes upvotes and a LVL token airdrop for each HP delegated 1 to 1. Anyway very nicely written post and keep up the goals, you will retire young and happy !1UP !PGM !PIZZA

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Glad to hear your son had his priorities in order.

20 years ago I thought I did too. I had a college education, had studied in something I thought would always keep me employed and middle class (teaching), and felt that if I saved enough and counted my pennies the right way, everything would be ok.

And everything would have been ok, but I didn't count on health tragedies which lead to financial tragedies, which could not be solved with a teacher salary...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, and YES! I hope to have my finances settles in the next 5 years so I can truly live "work free."

Although I do plan on "working" lots in my garden.

Indeed, best of luck! I want to retire onto fishing, scuba diving and spear fishing with some veggie / herb garden action between it all. Tough situation medical health can put us in, hope nothing like this repeats itself or we have better solutions in the future...

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Sounds like a nice retirement.

I want to read books in my garden.

I would need to duct tape two large magnifying glasses together to make me a good pair of sufficient readers! Ok maybe I am exaggerating a bit yet the squinting and reading small type is not what it once was! Great plan, sounds very peaceful !1UP

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Hmmm but being 54 years at the moment, I sometimes start to doubt about 27 year long term investing calculations !LOL
This is probably a wrong thought I have to change :-)

It all depends on what you are saving for, or what your long term plans are.

54 is quite young.

Your avatar says you like reading. I LOVE reading too. I have been getting through the Colleen Hoover novels (love them), I am on book two of the ACOTAR series (meh, but magical at the same time), and have an audiobook running about the great depression and the dust bowls.

I keep thinking about writing content for the books community - but I don't see much action over there.

I have some Indie Authors I think would love it here.

Never heard from Colleen Hoover and since I joined hive, my time for books is limited.
There are different communities for writers, guess thats why there isnt so much going on, because they are split around.
@dreemport is great to share your textes because there are a lot if people loving to read.

I followed Dreemport now, thanks for the tip.

Reading was my first love, and while I like reading all the posts here, and sometimes the fiction, there is somethign about a book.

I used to write for the freewriters,lots of my early Power came from there.

Hoover writes mostly romance novels, usually not my cup of tea, but I do tend to like hers. Its not full on romance though, just a few smutty scenes and really god storylines.

See you around the HiveVerse :)

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Yes I saw now, her books are also published in german language. I am from Austria and so as my english isnt the very best, I am always a little hesitating in publishing in the writing communities :-)

Thank you for your help :-)

Did you hear about the Irish guy who was assasinated at the antique store?
It was a knick knack paddywhack!

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Like listnerds... and CTP who are disrupting affilliate marketing

This caught my attention, like many other things on hive. Lol

Have you joined listnerds?

Its super simple, connected to the blockchain, doesn't use your HIVEPOWER, and gives you rewards.

You don't have to write anything either, you just read emails, from the listnerds account.

Reading four emails per day is a super easy, cost-less, way to start earning crypto.

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