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As I'm sure you are all aware about Leo Finance's new update Threads.
Threads are a great way to market yourself, others or brands.
Threads is Hives equivalent to twitter and as such can be used the same way.
With this in mind It is a great way to promote PsyberX within the Hive community. The community is not always aware of all the projects being built on Hive, trending #psyberx on Threads will give PsyberX more attention.
So if you are like me and believe in this project and/or are invested in it. It is in our best interest to promote it.



Follow these instructions to be eligible
The first 10 People to post threads about PsyberX will receive 1k LVL each.
You must use #psyberx in your thread and it must be your own thread not a comment on someone else’s, otherwise it will not get the thread count up for #psyberx.

I will also give out a bounty prize for the thread with the most comments. So make sure to tell your friends to comment on your thread.


The Last Snapshot will be in August
The date could be the 1st or the 30th we are not revealing when, a random number generator will be run and shared on September 1st when we announce the date and those getting the airdrop.

This airdrop will be paid 30 days later on October 1st to ensure this reward is not abused for a quick LVL airdrop.

LVL 1 to 1 Airdrop for HIVE Power delegation snapshot is coming soon.

This will be the last snapshot and airdrop so get your delegation in as soon as possible!

Another great reason to consider delegating is to help us speed up account creation tokens

50% of curation paid back daily via automated payments and API running smooth.
LVL airdrop for new HP delegated at 1 to 1 airdrop. (ending soon)
Upvotes for delegators with quality content.
Delegate HIVE Power to @psyberx for account creation ticket onboarding efforts.
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Notable Posts:


Social Links

PsyberX on Pimp Media
PsyberX on 1UP Zone
Official hive account @psyberx
Official twitter account psyberxofficial
The Gaming Studio Royal Reptile Twitter
Official Psyber X Discord Chat
Official Youtube account Psyber X
Official Facebook page Psyber X
Our Instagram account PsyberXofficial
The official Psyber X TikTok
NftShowroom Psyber X Collection
Psyber X Blog on Reddit
Official 3Speak PsyberX Account
Whatsapp Chat Invite
Line App Chat Invite
Telegram Chat Invite

Some key links, hashtags and information for Psyber-X.
seo links & a Psyber Sects link Please forgive me as I must share a bit about Psyber-X a first person shooter (fps #fps #firstpersonshooter) and it is play to earn (p2e #p2e #playtoearn) with NFTs (#nft) blockchain gaming (#blockchaingaming) on the Hive (#hive) blockchain (#blockchain) and recently cross chain bridged (#crosschainbridge) to Avalanche (#avax #avalanche) seo

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You can earn passive income by delegation of tribe tokens to "The Cartel"!

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You have received a 1UP from @luizeba!

The @oneup-cartel will soon upvote you with:
@oneup-curator, @leo-curator, @thg-curator, @neoxag-curator
And they will bring !PIZZA 🍕.

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good luck everyone!

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My delegation is still a little shy of where I wanted it to be by now :(

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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at