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RE: LeoAlpha: Exploring the Idea of Thorchain's Potential Implementation of Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)

Nice article! I was going to write about DeFi 2.0 and Olympus. Beat me to it!

I like the concept that they purchase the liquidity using (locked-up, discounted) sales of their native token, rather than renting it through high APY.

It seems a potential solution to "toxic liquidity" (a.k.a. mercenary capital in your quote). Just a better alignment of incentives. Although I wasn't sure it would work for a new protocol, since usually there isn't much market cap to sell until you get the TVL off the ground.


Yeah Olympus is super interesting! You should definitely do some write-ups about it, I enjoy your technical perspective you share in your content

This concept is going to make massive waves in the space. We’re implementing it on Polygon CUB and I believe you’ll start to see it in most DeFi going forqard

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