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RE: 183% APR On Bortus? Yes please

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So, what did I do? I broke my not buying anything with outside funds rule. (I swear this is the last time!)

Lmao I can relate!!!

It’s been a little bit I delved into the markets. I decided to take a step back after watching the prices of most come down,...but with the way you’re saying it, it seems you’re having so much fun

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My fomo is fully engaged right now !LOL

This feels so similar to June of last year when I was buying Kron at $30 and gold unicorn mustangs for for $1.50, and Alpha Alrics for $6.

I've bought a lot on the way down and it just seems like we are looking at the bottom. Can't totally miss the bottom when you've bought all the way down right?

I am having fun but you won't be able to wipe the smile off my face when Splinterlands is paying my rent again :)


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