Splinterlands airdrop 2.0(Vouchers) - More Thoughts on Chaos Legion, $DEC and $SPS

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In the name of taking profits

In the name of taking profits from my Splinterlands assets, I’ve sold about 4 cards which I’ve regretted selling because their prices tripled in less than a week after selling. In the name of taking profits, the amount of DEC I win from battles have also dropped due to the reduction in my collection power as a result of the cards I sold.

I’ve also left the DEC I got from the sales within the game after being so tempted just so I can accumulate a few extra SPS tokens from the airdrop. Heh! So much for taking profits. At this point I currently hold about 1200 SPS tokens, with the rate at which the airdrop comes in, I’ll likely be getting around 1000 SPS tokens per month at the rate of 37drops per day.

More Airdrop (Vouchers)


I intend to accumulate as much SPS as possible, with the release of Chaos Legions around the corner, the Splinterlands team have hinted that the presale will be available to only SPS stakers who’ll also be receiving daily vouchers in form of airdrops, the cards will be bought only through the vouchers(and normal price for the cards) and the vouchers will be able to be sold and bought also. The vouchers will determine how many packs one can buy.

Remember that time I wrote about supply crunch? Now let’s watch the price of SPS tokens moon from here as people are incentivized even more to stake their SPS tokens and get more, although Splinterlands haven’t announced how much SPS tokens will be needed to be staked to be eligible for the presale vouchers, the idea is that the amount of vouchers to be received will be based on the proportion of overall staked SPS tokens in ratio to owned staked tokens.

According to the information on the Splinterlands website, a total of 56million SPS tokens are presently staked, this number is bound to go up at the official announcement of the presale launch, doing a rough calculation in tandem with what I presently hold, it is obvious that I do not hold enough SPS tokens.

Chaos Legion


If you didn’t listen to the last Splinterlands AMA, you really should or at least read the snippets from this post. I hope to be able to splurge on packs this time around, both as investment and for use within the game. People that bought Untamed packs at $2 and held up on till now are presently selling the packs for $40 on Hive engine, lol! With the kind of publicity Play2Earn games are now getting, I won’t be surprised if packs get sold out quicker than have ever been recorded.

Another thing that caught my attention during the AMA is the burn rate of the new cards. I’ve always considered how Splinterlands will make older cards retain their value over the new card editions and Burn rate is the solution, or at least a very important part of it. Burn rate is the amount of DEC that can be gotten from burning a card, The team hinted that Chaos Legion cards will have lesser burn rates compared to Untamed cards and I think that’s just dope!

My Precious


Speaking of cards and value, my deck value got bumped up with about $4K extra recently, my Legendary gold foil Dark Ha’On got sold out on the market and the latest price floor is now worth over $4500. Boooom! I will say it’s totally worth it and even more, compared to other cards out there, that card is a beast and a menace, one must be selected by the gods of Splinterlands to wield such card. I’m not selling still! Yep you read that right, I’m not selling!

$DEC Value

Remember the supply crunch thing I wrote about $DEC few days ago?Here’s the post if you missed it, I’m glad to say that I’m right on track, few people have had fears that the value of DEC will be going back to the peg, but after listening to the AMA I can boldly say that’s never going to happen, not while myself and thousands of other players are desperately holding on to DEC to increase our SPS airdrop.

The splinterlands team have revealed that they have no control over the market action of the token and according to my analysis, up is the only way to go, all things being equal.


We’ve seen a huge support created at $0.7 levels and tested $0.8 severally, which is where it is presently at. It is too early to tell if this will be the new price floor but I won’t be surprised if it is.


We are on the 34th day of the 365 airdrop days, suddenly everything seems to be moving very fast and Chaos Legion hasn’t even begun yet, in my opinion I think we are actually going through the calm phase, this is perhaps the calm before the storm and everyone needs to be well positioned to take the best of it. I wish everyone goodluck.

Don’t forget, you can always hit me up for a battle! I kick ass for a living is beginning to be real for me lol. This is it guys! Battle till you drop!


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I'm piling up sps tokens and I'll leave it liquid. If the sps price really spikes, I want to cash out a decent amount.

Right now, I'm getting like 100 sps per day, so if the price of sps fit reach like $5, I go dey package $500 per day. It's wishful thinking but you either go big or go home, you know?

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5$ is not even far fetched at all my g! I’m staking half and holding half as liquid. 3k sps per month is wild bro. Shey you no go marry me join like this😫

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Hope say your yansh soft?

🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈I did not see this

I think I'm going to go this route! I've been selling SPS daily after staking a good portion of it but I've gotten a good amount of liquid Hive to buy into the presale so I think I'll be just holding the extra liquid and see where things go! The tricky part is, what will be the price we pull the trigger? Will it be too quick or too late is the question!

Pick a tolerable range to make it easier for you. I'm using a wide net because it's free money. Anywhere between $4-8 is fair game for me. I'll sell it and won't look back.

That's a great range, I'm hoping to do something similar! With how much I've been able to make off it, it's indeed profit now which is awesome.

All I can say is “Wow!”
I also remember myself selling two cards just to test the market’s efficiency. Compared to your sale, mine is just a penny. I also had second thought after considering that my action reduced my collection power.
Thanks for that information regarding the presale of Chaos Legion to SPS stakers. Mine is just closed to 900 SPS. If it is true that they will distribute vouchers via airdrop, that to me will be very exciting! I missed the earlier packs. I only saw Dice, but I failed to purchase due to lack of fund. On the same day after seeing it, in the afternoon, I saw all packs sold! That’s crazy!
I am also happy for you having that legendary gold foil Dark Ha’On. I think if I am the one that received it, with its current market price, I will be tempted to sell it. I understand that you value its utility in the game more than its current market price.
As for DEC’s price, that’s also my impression. I thought the team wanted the price of DEC to be fixed at $1 to 1,000 DEC. And so they add or subtract from the supply depending on DEC’s market price. But if what you said is true that the team recognizes that they can’t control the market of the token, I think that would be good!
I really like that part when you said “the calm before the storm.” Being a stock trader for seven years, I used to hear that expression and I am glad that though minimal, I already had a position on Splinterlands.
Grace and peace!

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If it is true that they will distribute vouchers via airdrop, that to me will be very exciting!

Same here...

I am also happy for you having that legendary gold foil Dark Ha’On.

Thank you, interestingly I had the card when it was worth just $70 I think I deserve some accolades for holding for so long 😁through so many temptations

Thanks for your comment, glad to have you onboard. Enjoy your adventure

Wow! That's even more shocking! Thinking of its % appreciation blows my mind. Congratulations for having such discipline to resist those many temptations! 😁

The Chaos Legion drop with the vouchers and everything is going to be crazy. I definitely want to buy a bunch of packs, and it seems like everybody else does too, who knows how expensive the vouchers alone could become.

I definitely also intend to load up on as much cards as I can get so I will be needing every single voucher I can lay my hands on!

and it seems like everybody else does too, who knows how expensive the vouchers alone could become.

Do you getttttttt!!!!!the ability to sell the vouchers is just wild!!!!! I can’t imagine what the rush will do to the price itself.

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That always happens. Sell something and then it goes way up in value lol.

🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️Maybe I’m being greedy! 😭😭😭😭but how wouldn’t I be

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Thanks for all the information!

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You’re very welcome

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Thank you

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perhaps the calm before the storm

We all agree on the fact that the price is just consolidating... I want to see the day when we talk about a couple of dollars per token 🤤🤤

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I imagined $1 per DEC and it gave me an erection, just putting it out there.

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Yes I knowww. It’s going to happen, this is almost a sure thing. AXS didn’t even have this much good start and distribution.

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Friend of mine sold both of his Valnamor cards for 100$ or so (don't know when it was he sold them, could have been prior to the DEC boom) and now they are going for 1k each lol. Sellers regret!

I think the only things I'll be selling are summoners and some other basic cards. I've held onto 99% of what I've gotten over time and it's been great.

I'm curious as to what the announcement will be for SPS and how it will shake out. at 2$ a pack, I can currently buy 150 or so at presale. Let's hope I can keep that up! I'm going to do what Belemo is doing and stake SPS and keep a bunch on-hand liquid.

I've held onto 99% of what I've gotten over time and it's been great.

I’ve held only about 60%😭😭😭😭I can’t believe I did giveaways😭😭😭

I get it though, giveaways are great! We do what we have to do man, we just need to keep an eye on some things for the future. I know I appreciated all of the giveaways that I entered and won some cards and appreciated those who were giving things away. Who would have ever known things would explode the way they have?!

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121