How Diversified investment can mitigate the pressure and depression of financial losses

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Losing money is a difficult thing no matter the amount.
You might think a dollar is not a huge amount until the day you have just a dollar in your hands, your credit cards becomes out of reach and every means of you getting cash at hand becomes impossible for the moment.

That dollar that ought to take you home goes missing and you become stranded or have to walk home.
Countless times I have saved stranded people in the street because I had a first time experience of how it feels. Imagine you having thousands in your account and you have to beg a passersby for transport fair home.

A negative feeling and depression always sets in when we loss money.
Losing money to crypto is the worst of them, especially if you have put all your eggs in one basket, we see people commuting suicide over crypto crash because they have invested important funds in the wrong project.

No matter how perfect crypto seem to be it is good to diversify our investments.
First Crypto is volatile and sometimes you can't predict if there is going to be a pump or dip.
The kind of diversification am implying here is for you to have an online and offline investment, partly crypto, Partly real estate or any of such combinations.

This is how diversification saves you.

When there is a market dip, you can feed on your investment from real estate or other physical offline projects and vice versa.

Most folks who have offline jobs and earn salaries aside crypto investment understand this better.
During the days they hodl their tokens, funds from their jobs sustain them, I don't have this privileged yet but it will get better with time.

Some quality investment out there.

Even though we clamour that there are no better investment out there that can give your either passive income or some
good returns, I believe in real estate, though you may not get as much as crypto, you can invest in science and technology, invest in peoples business, like fashion industries and designers that earn good returns or even invest in agriculture
Quality growing businesses out there can give you good ROI.

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Very true. Diversification is the way forward especially with the volatility of the crypto space. It's never advisable to be dependent on one source as anything can happen at anytime.

I hope to get to that point sooner than later.

You sure will... Just focus on your goals.

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Diversification is a method that is indeed very important in securing your wealth.
This can be seen being done by a lot of wealthy people.



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Definitely, there is a negative feeling if we loss a huge amount of money especially investment on crypto or from another source. Many have lost their lives because of loosing money in a wrong way. Thank you for this piece.

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You welcome...

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