Bitcoin Pizza Day: Can anyone still Make Similar Mistake Again? Lessons i LEARNT from it

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On the 22nd day of may 2023, the remembrance of #bitcoinpizza day on which Laszlo Hanyecz, a pioneer cryptocurrency user paid 10,000 $BTC for two pizzas on may 22, 2010. It is indeed world-leading breaking news, especially for not only crypto-inclined users but also anyone who understands the weight of that transaction when compared to today's crypto market.

Calculating this in Nigerian currency, which is the naira, it is about 202 billion,920 million. This is indeed a whole lot of money that one can utilize and make more meaningful not just to himself but to the entire world at large. Imagine having this kind of money and putting it in a place that replicates a fragment of that money on a daily basis—let's say 10% of that money. Imagine what will become of that person's life in general.

My Takeaway Lesson



Time is an indispensable thing that has the ability to turn anything into anything at all when the time comes. At the time when this worthwhile transaction was made, the timing might have been right or it might have been just a mere exchange, but later it becomes something of a different story. That the value of something hasn't started manifesting at a particular time doesn't mean it's not important, but that the time isn't right yet.



The value of something is the respect it has. In the world of cryptocurrency, the respect that all the coins have for their worth at that particular time In a situation where the worth of #BTC depreciates to something lets say lower than $10, and stays in the amount for years, the way people will now take it is dependent on its worth. Therefore, it is necessary to not just hold a token or a thing but to understand its value, which is of great essence as it is what defines it.

The Mistake One Might Make

This is of course an old story, and be it as it may, one can say anything at all, but notwithstanding how one says it, it can't be anything less than an old story that happened decades ago. But then, what is our whole takeaway from this?

Now that many cryptos are being unveiled in airdrops and many more, adding to the fact that many cryptos are already in existence, one might take crypto to be a jerk now that many news stories about crypto are flying about how independent and not worth saving it is as a result of how volatile the crypto market is. It is important to note that the same old story that will brand a useless transaction might be happening right now somewhere else of one selling a coin for a low price. The later case might happen where the worth and value will skyrocket and regrets will become the next option.

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How time flies. The fate of tomorrow is dependent on the value we place on certain things today. I understand that somehow, somewhere, someone had the opportunity to purchase this Bitcoin at a very low rate, but yet had it overlooked. The best thing as you said is understanding the coins value💯

Surely boss, inasmuch there is time for everything, there is need to watch and wait for the complete manifestation of things as a response to time. Time is like light that exposes what's hidden in the dark.

Thanks for stopping by mate, be blessed

I will use this to hold myself for some of the coins I bought that the value currently is barely okay 🥲

Patience is the key, it might not look like it now but the end therefore will undoubtedly justify the means.


Thank you for this mate

Be blessed mate, our tomorrow will be greater than today.

The continuous struggle is for what we believe will happen. Faith💯