The MAUs Directly Proportional to Zealy's Quest: Unmasking and Upgrading New Level of Engagement

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It suffices to say that Zealy's campaign came at the right time in that it has created so much greater space to navigate through engagement in the leofinance community, and at the same time, one is moving from one step to another in drawing closer to the hallmark of getting the reward.

Monthly active users, on the other hand, are also of a different impact and level in this present-day Leofinance community in that they have had a much greater increase due to not only the introduction and rebranding of threads but also the linking effect of them to Leofinance and engagement, which is Zealy's campaign.

Owing to the effect and impact of zealy on the aspect of engagement, it is evident that with the continual performance of the various tasks on each level of quests on the campaign, there is a high probability of it being the backbone of many of the threads seen on different bases on the thread feature on the Leofinance community. With the mere counting of replies, the number of pools, the creation of threads, and the very many engaging tasks on the Zealy campaign, there is a high degree of hope that the number of monthly active users is dependent on the various quests performed, but is it meant to be so?

Seeing that many might be focused on performing those tasks on Zealy so as to win the prize, which is not a bad idea either, in the absence of the various quests of the Zealy campaign, would it have been that the number of threads would increase, adding engaging on Leofinance projects to the bracket of being active in the Leofinance community?

Unmasking and Upgrading New Level Of Engagement

Inasmuch as Zealy's quest has made engagement on Leofinance from various perspectives very easy, there are also other aspects of engagement on Leofinance that are outside of the corridor of creating threads, polls, and replies to threads.

Engaging in the diverse leofinance projects made available, such as #CUBfinance, Powering Up the Leo Token, #VexpolyCUB, and much more, are different areas one can engage in on leofinance. Having oneself engage in other areas isn't out of place in that, on the other hand, we aren't profiting from leofinance that much, but we are also in that, for example, if we power up and stake our leo token, we are still the owners too.

Each month, if calculated based on analysis of areas where engagement was high, I think it will be on thread much more. Though it isn't bad on my side, upgrading in all these areas too is of a higher advantage to us.

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