Invest for another investment

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The reason rich people became rich is because of investment. Also, did you know that a lot of people are earning money online? Okay, that's not new but did you know that they're investing a small amount and getting more.

Let's make Trader an example. If you're not long enough in the hive. Maybe you're not aware that hive has a lower value than before. Imagine the price was 3 times folded compared now. Now you have worth that investment for you to become rich. Although it needs patience and faith before you can have it. Well, other people spent decades or many years. Just be in crypto because it only takes months to make your money grow bigger.

But what about this investment for another investment. Let's say for example myself. I graduated from a course with a seafarer. To be able to be onboard a ship or to become a crew. I need to undergo a lot of training as the requirements because it's an amendment. It's a hassle but I need to take it. Of course, I need money from it and that's why I've been writing in the hive because of that purpose. I have no money to invest in the hive but I have the effort and creativity to earn money. I may invest most of my time here. I'm doing it to achieve my goal.


All of us have different goals so if you're having a hard time achieving that goal right away. Try to be resourceful or be wise about how to get it. You don't need to rush because an investment needs more time. If you're crypto enthusiastic maybe it's good to explore the blockchain. Search for another platform that holds another cryptocurrency. Try to understand if it's worth a try or have faith if it will go up. I made this post because of being inspired by @coinstant's post about the apple crypto. If you wish to learn how much he earned from it.

One thing that hive taught me. To explore the world of blockchain because a lot of opportunities are waiting. It's up to you what to do on it since hive gives your knowledge and skills to dive into the world of crypto. You can keep on staying here because of any activities in the blockchain you can find for sure. It's not financial advice but it's not about money. It's about how you can manage well if you will decide to touch the blockchain

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