Yeah hopefully. 🙂

I think you make some other good points too about the LEO token. Too many goals at the same time? Lots of focus on tokenomics but not so much on building that we see on the other Hive Dapps.

Some transparency on the leo community voters would also be welcome.

If LEO were butter it would be spread too thinly.

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That could be true. If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both also springs to mind.

The time Anezka caught two rabbits.

Screenshot 20220615 15.48.55.png

Maybe chasing two rabbits is a good thing. After all, Anezka caught them both.

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Agree on those points. The tokenomics is also not very great. They do absolutely nothing to keep the value of the tokens up.

True, that is the elephant in the room.

What is the LeoFinance Server Time?

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I'm not sure, maybe that's one for the Devs to answer!