Hive Progress Report: Jun Week 2

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I can consider myself to be a believer of hive blockchain. So far, I am trying my best to increase my hive power throughout this year. Always looking forward for the Power Up Day to continue to grow my HP.

There are a lot of time that I try to achieve the PUM but it is really not easy when you miss a day or so and you lose the whole progress. So far, out of these 6 months, I only succeed once(yes, I also lost my june PUM already).

Nevertheless, I at time will still continue to track my progress on hive, always keeping a close look on which projects on hive to increase my holding and which to let go.

TokenStart at 2022Target at the end of 2022
Hive Power12,92030,000(updated)
Leo Power56.5500
1UP Power5502000

I have given an updates on the SPS and hive power due to fresh funds coming in. I also have just added a new goal which is HBD to the table above. I also added SPT & CTP just for tracking purposes.

TokenCurrent AmountPlan
Hive Power29,181This is moving at quite a good pace. Very likely i am able to achieve 30k by the end of the year. One key reason is that the price of hive dropped quite a lot in the past day, like 10-20% due to overall crypto bear market. With 50 over HBD earned from curation, I converted them to over 100hive. This will further speed up my hive progression
HBD11,769This is a new addition that I just added in this report. Due to the change in CRO earnings, I converted some of my stablecoins into HBD to take advantage of the 20%. Given the current amount, I am able to get like 1.5% per month of interest which is 170HBD. So with 6 more months of interest, my HBD will be close to 13,000HBD but still not yet reach. So that means I still have to put in effort to blog more to get author rewards in order to achieve the target.
SPS164,725Soft target of 200k, I had successfully bought 2 validator nodes, hopefully can earn more passive income
Neoxag83284I stopped myself to use Neoxag to upvote my post. As a result, I power up all my Neoxag. This can still consider quite a far fetch but I will try to push myself to see how far I can reach with Neoxag. Overall, Neoxian himself is one of the legendary person I respect the most in hive.
Leo Power207The situation really change so fast. Due to the upcoming Leo power up day, I actually went to purchase like 200 Leo, waiting to power up. So suddenly, I am getting very close to hitting the leo milestone! Despite the depressed price, I still think leo is building the infrastructure to bridge hive with other blockchain.
1UP Power1616I am shock to see my 1UP progress. I was blogging more due to listnerds and there was a few posts that has very good 1UP payout. As a result, I got quite a good amount of 1UP for my author rewards. I will continue to work toward hitting the goal of 2000 1UP
SPT20,300Actually I was just to keep SPT in this progress to just keep track of its progress. Overall, I blog quite a lot about splinterlands so I am curious to see how I perform in the SPT.
CTP445This is another token mainly for tracking purposes. I actually have 5000 CTP staked in listnerds and it is able to generate some CTP every day. As a result, I try to withdraw from there and staked on my hive engine instead. I dont know how long the CTP will given out in listnerds so I will just update accordingly. Now, I always try to include CTP in my blogging tag as well

I am now eager to see how is the next hive progress report is going to look like. There is a lot of unexpected progress in these 2 weeks and as the overall crypto market is so unpredictable recently, I wonder how am I going to thread in the upcoming weeks.

Till then, all the best to you readers as well and stay safe.

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Congrats bro! You are getting closer to your goals!

Thanks for the affirmation!

Well done!! I am still trying to understand the process and earning potential, I shall follow your blog a little closer. :)

Thanks a lot. Hope you can gain some insight in this.

I also lost PUM target in very next day.


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Haha we can only try for the Jul PUM.

Hi @namelessnameless fantastic progress with your Hive Power 😍.

Be great to see you at the Saturday Savers Club on the @eddie-earner account - you'll find a community of people also building their account.

Thanks for reading my blog. Great to have great people like you engaging with the community.

Great update. Im also looking at the oneup token. I've also stumbled across MEME which seems a good play.

I recently also see the MEME which seems interesting. LOL and Alive too, yet to find out more about these.

The value of MEME seems quite stable, im not sure if you can also do any tipping functions.

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wow. Glad to see that you are about to complete majority of your goal. Setting and sharing goal is a good way of motivating yourself and fellow user. Such motivation will help to build fellow user trust as a result platform will strengthen. Stay blessed

Good luck on your 30k goal! What an awesome accomplishment that will be!


Your numbers are looking good. Being consistent and engaging every day is working. Thanks for sharing.