Huge Changes to my Rising Star gameplay

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Just about a week ago, there is a changes to the Starbit millionaire mission.
You can read more about the changes over here:

Changes in the Starbits Millionaire Mission

In short, the requirement for fan will increase by 100 for the next time each time you run a Starbits millionaire mission. And this will backdate all the way. So that means by 27th June when the change is live, I need to get my fans to 12k if I want to continue to do the Starbit millionaire mission.

What I do?

Using the 100k that I have saved up by doing the quest ingame, I bought 12 packs. As each pack promise a rare card, I will have at least 12 rare cards, hopefully can help me boost my fans. I manage to get 2x Touring Coach which gives me 550 fans each. So thanks to the 12 packs, my fans have quite a good boost. This is what I am currently having.
I am getting close to 5k fans now! My skill is still at a healthy amount of 6.1k.

Huge mistake!

To my horror, I realise I forget to include the ego that is gain from doing missions. So beside the fans from the card, I actually also have 3251 ego gained from mission. Do note that these ego that you gain from mission is perm. So that means I have 7.4k base ego which is way more than my skill amount of 6.1k!!
As a result, now I am facing 23% ego. This is going to hurt my earnings a lot. So now, I am trying to get more people card with higher skills or buy instrument to boost my music lesson for higher skill points. This will further slow down my speed in getting ready for the changes. Hai.

Sudden updates about "Promo Fan Club" mission

Next week, there will be a special mission "Record Signing".
The mission will give out FA1, FA2, FA3 or FA4 cards. The trick is that if you want to get these cards, you need to hold a certain FC cards that is pre-determined before you do the quest.
And how do you get these FC cards?
By farming "Promo Fan Club" mission!
And to farm "Promo Fan Club" mission, you need to have Starpro.
So, I asked myself whether I want to participate in this special mission? And my answer is yes, hopefully can get some good rewards out of it.

Buying Starpro and preparing for the "Record Signing"

Another reason for buying Starpro is that it will also add bonus to my starbit millionaire mission.
So I went to hive-engine and bought 2 Starpro first for roughly 20hive.
So now, within this week, I hope to farm as many "Promo Fan Club" mission as possible to prepare for the next week special mission. Hopefully with that, I am able to get some good cards to further boost my fans and skill counts. Luckily, all the FA cards have same number of fans and skills. So getting more FA cards would not worsen the gap of the ego.

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Congrats for getting your first ever fan club card.

They start doing Record singing.

This is way faster than I assumed. I only manage to do a few and they already started!

Aye - there have been a few changes to the game this last week or two, I'm also needing to get up to speed on them. But its still a great game !

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Yes, i am enjoying surprising a lot given its simplicity.

With the changes around the Millionaires Mission, it becomes important to own cards that give you fans but as you realized, you also need skill to counteract the fans, otherwise the ego will climb fast. Whenever I have 110'000 starbits collected, I buy 12 packs and I pull out 10k. Like that I'm sure that my fans are growing and I still can take some profits from the game :-)

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this is definitely a very good move!! I may follow this method too! Thanks for the great sharing.

Your stats are amazing! And that was a bold move you made. Thank you for sharing about the ego, I learned about that today :) I wish you the best on your game, cheers!

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Now i need to up my stat even faster to make sure I am in time for the new changes.

Yes, the changes are coming real soon. I have not really made good on my plays haha. Still working on my ego

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Thanks for reminding me to get that StarPRO too.

Starpro will become more and more important!!

Just bought some today!

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!PIZZA for the great genming!

Thanks for keeping us updated. I hope you can get the EGO down.

Yes, this is one of the most important as it will affect the earning.

I'm yet to understand the whole star pro, music promoter, and promo fan club stuff, need to go do some reading. Nice post


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Haha actually you can just keep rising star to simply just do mission that gives the best rate/returns etc.

Great job i haven't really deep delved into this game but i do hit the missions when i remember 🤣 @namelessnameless

You can just stick to the basic of doing mission that give you starbits directly.

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You can also earn starpro within the game.

Although you do need starbits to do so.

I have no idea how this works but thanks for telling me!

Its under "missions" - "Music Promoter"

I've never done much of anything with StarPro. I don't really understand it to be honest. If it was something I could earn I might feel a little differently. I guess it's probably my fault for not knowing what is going on!

the starpro is only useful for certain purpose. And I think u can get starpro if you are in the top list of rising star which means it is kind of impossible for most people.

!PIZZA for you boss

!PIZZA for vaynard too!

Great post about your journey. I wish I would have done a little more reading before I hit Level 15. I figured out how to get my ego down to 0 by getting skill points from taking music lessons. But you can only do that so many times. I am about midway at Level 20 and I bought one rare card with a good balance of fans to skill. I am not buying packs yet but I might eventually do that.

Sometime we just need to learn as we go. I too face the unexpected in this game a lot of times already.

Learning by experience is usually the best way although not always the least painful. Have a great weekend, @namelessnameless. 😀

why is your ego rising so much, you need to do more music lesson so you can counter it

I bought 12 packs for 100k, there are 2 cards with 550 fans each without any skills. Suddenly my fans shot up but my skills still stuck. And with the ego from missions which i forget, the huge gap in skills also end up not enough.

I am not sure of spending 10 Hive per starpro.

And Starbit Millionarie mission is effectively nerfed , pack opening are not even doing break even so I am putting all decision postponed to month of July.

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it is definitely nerfed. but i calculated, you can get like 10k starbits per mission, you can buy people card with at least 100fans for 8-9k starbits to allow you to do the next day. So it still can work out well. However, now it is the gap that one need to decide if they want to do for long term or just give up.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and strategy. I think you are a rock star.

Haha. Everyone is a rock star in rising star.


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