Splinternoob Day 8: Beaten down badly

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With the new reward system, I have started a new Splinterlands journey with an alt account starting from scratch to see how far it can progress.

Day 8


Start off

End of Season Chest= 99
Rating = 2588
Focus = Earth
We will compare these stat at the end of the day to see how much I can progress just with 1 day now.

Despite the streak win was reset and only able to win 8.5k RP for the first match, the 1st win was able to get 10 bronze chests. Off to a good start!!!

At the end of Part 1, I played a total of 12 matches within 30 min and sadly to say that I lost more than I win. I only win 5 matches and 7 lost matches.

With so many losses, you can see that my daily chest is only 18 at the end of part 1. My EOS is able to progress to 100 chests while my rating drops. Hopefully, part 2 of day 8 can saved me back.

Part 2

Off to a good start of Part 2, the first match is a win and get 9k RP. Seems like the RP has been quite stable for the past few days already. Most likely because my rating also stop increasing and I also never go to the next league.

Fast forward to the end of Part 2, once again the tragedy happened. 12 matches played and I lost 7 matches as compared to the 5 wins.

End of Day 8

Overall, I played 24 matches. I won 10 matches and I lost 14 matches. So now I am actually losing more than I win. So you can see how strong the opponent is now.

Day 8StartEnd
EOS Chest99101
Daily Chest022

You can also start to realise that EOS chests are getting more and more difficult to acquire. This is because the requirement for each subsequent chest is growing at an exponential rate. 50k RP just to get 1 EOS chest now.


22 chests = 7 common, 3 rare, 4 alchemy, 56DEC.
Total worth = $0.46.

Quite a good number of cards obtain. Although the value is low, but I love getting more cards.

Now I really wonder how tomorrow will be.

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Hahaha I hope I don't bump into you! My rating is similar to yours now. Hehe!

!PIZZA back at you too. Haha. I am stuck at this rating for quite some time already.

Thanks for the report.

I haven't noticed the blue "Advance" button before, probably because I haven't progressed out of Bronze. Does it mean you can choose whether to advance to higher ranks when you have enough rating/power?


Yup, you can choose to move up to another big league. It will determine your chests for next season also. So moving up to the next big league, you can get more RP per win, but you will have tougher requirements next season to farm the daily chests and EOS chests.

!PIZZA for my #metafrens

!PIZZA for the missing the private tournament.


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!PIZZA for the wonderful genming.

Yeah, same here...the opponent is actually quite strong now.

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Yah, I am fighting opponents with level 4 summoners. There are some with level 2 but they have very strong cards.

Nice job on showing what is possible with plenty of collection power.

Yup, now that there are many cards to rent for 1000-2000CP/DEC, it is great time to take advantage of that to get plenty of CP. You need like $0.02 to reach silver 1 by some of the experiment.

!PIZZA for you boss

!PIZZA for beating me in private tournament. haha.

Thanks. Please keep us updated. I'm learning so much from you.


Thanks. It is my honor that you take the time to read my blog.

Thanks for sharing your battles. It helps everyone to read about others battles.

Thanks for checking on my blog.


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