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I like to believe that we are in the place of the future, that day by day we are building a safe, fair, equitable space. In the midst of the economic crisis that we are suffering in Venezuela, the crypto currencies have been a life saver. In fact, it has been said that the Venezuelan government has implemented its own cryptomoney (Petro) to avoid the US sanctions, which prevent them from having access to the international financial system and that they aspire to be a kryptonation (populist propaganda, especially when Venezuela does not have electricity or quality internet. However, in this way, I want to think that being in HIVE is already in the future. Greetings and good start to the week, @tarazkp


How has Petro been going since it was introduced? I think it was back in 2018? Has it helped in any way?


The government has tried on several occasions to "give Petro momentum and credibility". The last time was at the end of last year, when it paid "half" Petro to many people. At first, businesses were accepting Petro, but when they discovered that they could not change it in the market into dollars, they stopped accepting it. Now they have implemented as a law that all paperwork (passport, identity card) must be paid in Petro. So the citizen must buy it, and then do the procedure. Venezuela is dollarized, here the minimum child of any corner, speaks of dollar.

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