Day 173 of BUIDLing HIVETWitter together and Why We need to focus on Growth ?

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First, I declare that HIVETwitter movement is our collective efforts. Many of our fellow HIVE owners are contributing in various ways and our efforts are compounding daily. Our collective daily efforts will not affect the price of HIVE tomorrow or next week that much. But they certainly will determine where HIVE price will be in few years from now.

For me HIVETwitter movement has only one vision. Thats is to grow HIVE Network Effects with Twitter.

We've have come so far together and we're doing really good job with our Vision. Someone bought 1 million $HIVE and powered up this week and I would like to think it's because of our efforts on Twitter. Our target is to bring 100 more people or project to buy 1 million HIVE each and stake with our protocol





Please kindly Participate in Day 173 of BUIDLing HIVETwitter Together today.

1 Write something relating a Person or Project to HIVE
2 Write Day 173 #HIVETwitter
3 Attach a video or photo or Gif of you doing HIVE 5

Please make sure the person or project you mention in step 1 is rotated around 1st degree of connection HIVETwitter, 2nd degree of connections like Crypto Twitter and 3rd degree of connections like an stranger on Twitter, who we can relate our Protocol HIVE.


Thanks @doze & @hiro-hive for making this amazing HIVETwitter Graphics



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Good to see you more often on Leo my friend :D In case you don't know, other than getting paid in two awesome tokens, you also actively help hive and Leo appreciate in value, as the and revenue from leofinance is used to buy hive and then Leo! Also you can use the tags "neoxian" and "palnet" to win some more HE tokens :)

If I can support Team LEO in any way then I will :)

Way to go! I just invited a friend today emailing him ;)

Thank you my man

Keep doing the good work for Hive and Hive communities. You're leading the marketing team and we're inspired to follow.

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We're doing this together!


Thank you :)

Thank you.

Are you on HIVETwitter ?

What's your Twitter Handle please ?

I tipped 3 $HIVE with your latest Tweets.

Please claim it by responding your hive account name

@nathanmars sorry but didn't received the hive you sent me. Sunitahive is my username, replied but didn't get any response

Sunitahive is my account name but where I will have to mention it

Please share me the link from where I can get the reward

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Thank you 🙏