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RE: The Future of Gaming and NFT’s

in LeoFinancelast month

Damn, I'm not sure I want to get a world with a metaverse, probably my brain is too rusty for all this shit.
And like a real fart, when I first heard about the sale of NFT at auction for a couple of million dollars, my first thought was: Wow, someone has come up with a great way to launder money and evade taxes.

I am sure that my so narrow-minded and not progressive views are connected with envy... :)


I don't think you'll have much choice than to come along for the ride in a few years :)

Well... maybe... Although, I'm one of those boring dudes who doesn't have a single console. And the last game I played was WOW, was about 5 years ago.

Perhaps I will become involved in this huge gaming industry thanks to NFT. First of all, in order to earn money. On the other hand, there are enough ways to make money outside of the digital world, for example, by killing people ;)

By the way. I liked your last blog post. It's sad that you don't publish anymore, but I understand and share your opinion.

Thanks for that. I'll start writing some more in the coming weeks. I got deep into other crypto related subjects and forgot all about Hive for a while.

I loved WOW back in the day. WOW with a crypto marketplace would be incredible.

This is good news! I'm watching you -_-