#BUIDL and They Will Come Doesn't Work

I saw this twitter thread

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Build it and they will come doesn't work.

$wLEO is booming exactly because it is going beyond $HIVE

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Nobody takes that guy seriously so ...

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It's more about the last tweet than the first tweet.

Still, I think it's a widespread sentiment.

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wLEO is a perfect example of the kind of project that should be built here. Multi-chain projects are gold because of the increased network effect. What wLEO is doing is tap into a valuable PoW chain. Any LeoFinance user can benefit from the boost in LEO's value without ever having to set foot outside of LeoFinance and Hive.


Although this promote thing can comes in many forms and can be a challenge.

I think this recent drop might've been the rush for LEOM.
I powered down 20K HP a few weeks ago, to stock up on DEC. I love Hive, but we missed a massive opportunity by keeping that ninja-mine. While we had all that momentum and all that press, we could've really kicked some goals.

I think wolf was being ironic.

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The quality of the product AND the way of promoting it are both key drivers for success. If you look in non-tech areas like pharma, you find examples where an inferior product with good marketing is more successful than a superior product that misses on marketing and salesforce-agility. Unfortunately, you need very different types of talented persons for these two critical success factors and it is sheer luck if both talents are represented at the beginning of a project. LEO is doing a very good job on both ends at the moment.

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I don't think you understand your investment in hive correctly... If Splinterlands and Leofinance succeed, hive succeeds.

Yes, they use it as a technology, but in order to do so one must stake hive. Very simple value for hive.

Who cares about hive.blog and trying being the best blogging platform. The goal is to have many communities similar to Leofinance all running on hive and powering up to use the Resource Credits. If Leofinance is successful, not only will it generate demand for hive, but it will also inspire other people to follow their model, which will generate value for hive exponentially.

We can say the same thing about splinterlands and all other hive games.

When he had Steemit, we had a nice social media. The cost of forking and being completely decentralized is that we have to rely on community entrepreneurs to market their own dapps/communities. But the value is still there.

Powering up for voting power will be old school. Resource credits and governance will matter way more. But yes, we need a lot more activity before resource credits demand actually starts to push the price up.

Btw, I don't think @therealwolf cares about the blogging platform. He already thinks it's a failed model, if I understood him correctly.

I think there's a small misunderstanding here, but ...

First of all, to make one thing very clear: by attacking Hive, you're actually attacking the hand that feeds you.

Just because LEO is going full-on marketing/hype mode, doesn't mean that Hive isn't expending. There's a lot of "boring dev-work" going on by @blocktrades & co. which is relevant for this whole ecosystem, which LEO is also a part of. Yeah, the team behind LEO is small and lean, so they can focus on what makes the token price go up (pretty interface, ERC20 token, etc.), but without the work done by blocktrades and the scalability this brings to Hive, they'd be toast. So, how about a bit more respect? 🙂

Now, in regards to the tweet: I was in part referring to what I just mentioned above, but I was mostly referring to myself, hence why I added the image of my most recent screen-time week. I'm not a core-dev and I'm not working directly on Hive code, but I've been working on my own project (which integrates Hive) for quite a long time - just haven't talked about it. And ignoring prices when possible is IMO pretty much the best thing anybody building things can do.

Hope this makes things clearer.