My Thoughts on PolyGold

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PolyGold,, is an interesting new yield farm on the Polygon network.

I've been playing around on Polygon a lot lately. It's an ethereum-based chain, similar to Binance Smart Chain. Gas fees are really, really low. Like fractions of a cent low.

With gas so cheap, you can go into and out of contracts as much as you want and it won't even add up to a penny.

So, I've been experimenting with different platforms.

Shane turned me on to this one in the discord chat. It has a really interesting tokenomic model:


So the tokens are going to be printed for about a month. We're roughly 20% of the way into the token print:


After that, no more.

So what's the incentive to own it?

They are taking all the LP deposit fees (4%) and putting them to work on aave and curve. That will grow over time. Right now curve on polygon is paying about 21% annualized returns.

Once the supply cap is reached, each POLYGOLD token will have an equivalent NAV to 1/69420 of the portfolio value and its dividend-like cash flow. I'm not sure if dividends will be distributed to token holders or reinvested into NAV.

Regardless, there are no barriers to entry to placing funds in aave and curve. There are plenty of posts on showing you exactly how to do that.

Since there's no barrier to entry, the POLYGOLD token should be worth exactly its net asset value (NAV). Right now, my rough estimation is that the NAV of deposit fees is ~300k. If we divide that by 12949, that implies a fundamental value of 23.

But what that doesn't include is the future deposit fees that will be generated during the supply month. Those high APRs will attract capital, creating deposit fees, and growing the NAV. As I'm writing this, POLYGOLD is trading at $141, a 6x multiple on the NAV. That might be in the range of reasonable if can attract that TVL. And I'm open to the possibility that they can.

As the supply month progresses, the market value and the NAV should converge.

For me, that's worth a bit of a gamble.

DYOR and trade accordingly (or not).

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Edit: Sadly the dev rugged a couple days after this was published.


Its falling and falling.. I entered the farm of POLYGOLD - USDC investing 3 PolyGold.. Not exiting will see how much down it can go..And maybe invest 1 PolyGold more. cheers

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That is one excellent summary. The APR looks great too. It won't hurt to try it out. Personally I still prefer to invest in CUB as I see more long term potential there.

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I am in. Seems worth a little risk. I went into the MATIC-USDC pool. Now I wonder if I should put the farmed POLYGOLD into the POLYGOLD-USDC farm, instead of just dumping it. The APR is tempting.

APR is pretty high!

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I also was attracted to the novel tokenomics mentioned by @shane on discord, and went to Polygon to investigate. There I was surprised to find the high price of the token.
Thanks for calculating the NAV and determining the current price multiple 6x, which can be viewed in some respects as PE ratio? So perhaps not to bad.

On another note I finished the transcript of the AMA, so if you have the opportunity to take a look and give feedback, that would be helpful.


It doesn't look good at this minute. Page is not working and their twitter disappeared.

ahh... just saw your edit. Is there a way to get anything (matic/usdc pool) back?