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RE: Analytics for LeoFinance | Track the Performance and Traffic of LEO Applications and Referrals

Majority desktop/laptop views? That's pretty interesting.

I guess that shows that 1, mobile support isn't great and 2, we have a very technical user base.

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I found that interesting as well. Mobile isn't amazing - that's for sure.

I personally utilize the site on mobile regularly but mostly for reading and some comments. When I sit down to focus on doing some engagement/posting/read several articles, I prefer doing it from my desktop. I assume most on Hive/LeoFinance have a similar mindset.

We also do have a very technical userbase, so it makes sense on both fronts. Our new interface will have a WAY better mobile experience

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Likewise myself, my engagements are mostly done with my laptop. My mobile is just for reading posts especially when I'm off the home or office.

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"Our new interface will have a WAY better mobile experience"

That would be awesome? Any idea when the new interface will be available?