First HPUD

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Hellooo hive world!
Hope you are doing well where ever you are with pandemics, wars and natural disasters it's hard not to be consumed by negative feelings.
Really going at it my best trying to learn more and more new things to keep myself occupied and try and stay as positive as possible.
So I'm trying this HPUD now to see what its all about.
Any who every one stay safe stay positive, we will get through it all


Well done on your first power up !LOL !LUV

@new.things(2/3) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Given the current emission rate of LUV pushing 500/day, increases to required LUV levels will likely be forthcoming.

What did the sand say as the tide came in ?
Long time no sea.

Credit: reddit
@new.aaron, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @new.things
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Wooo I feel the power... I think 🤔😁

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