The Crypto-Week ahead (inkl. Rehive bounty)

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Welcome Leofamily,

to the next issue of the "Crypto-Week ahead". Every Sunday we will look at the upcoming Crypto-Events for the week to come. So lets directly start into the new week

Monday, 28th of November

Blockchain Week 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

Nov.26th-27th in📍Bangkok

AdaSwap ASW: Mainnet Launch

deployment of our mainnet 28

FTCrypto & Digital Assets Summit in London, UK
Dcentral in Miami, USA

the LARGEST #web3 conference

Tuesday, 29th of November

Polkadot Developer Conference in Lisbon, Portugal
Decipher 2022 in Dubai, UAE

Decipher is a must-attend conference for anyone interested in Web3 and blockchain. Sessions will take place across 4 stages and dive deep on the industry’s most relevant topics: unlocking blockchain interoperability, the future of DeFi, sports, gaming and the metaverse, how blockchain can drive civic & social impact, the regulatory landscape, ESG & sustainable tech, and more

FLOKI: Listing on OKX

OKX will be the 6th largest among the exchanges where FLOKI is listed

Shido: Shido Card Launch

We have received well over 1000 applicants for Shido MasterCard! We are thankful for the huge interest. Shido MasterCard is free to issue and receive. The most exclusive and versatile Crypto Card entering the market. Launching very soon! 🔥 Apply Now 👉

Infam INF: NFT Avatars Collection

New huge NFT Avatars collection from Infam_platform 🖼 Soon Infam will launch a mint of 10,000 NFTs with strong utilities onPolygon Network. Only 2,000 participants will be able to join whitelist until 27 november More details:

Wednesday, 30th of November

Huobi Token HT: Listing on Bitfinex

Bitfinex will be the 13th largest among the exchanges where Huobi Token is listed

Grove GVR: GroveSwap Launch

GroveSwap goes live this month, and we're looking to list quality BEP20 / ERC20 projects. Take advantage of: 🔹️Increased Exposure/Volume 🔹️Inclusive Marketing Packages 🔹️AMA with our CEO @JohnGh87 🔹️Integrated API 🔹️24/7 Support Apply here 👇

RocketX exchange RVF: XDEFI Wallet Integration

Multi-Chain wallet xdefi_wallet coming soon to ✅ 100,000+ users ✅ 15 Blockchains ✅ Bitcoin Network $RVF SelfCustody

BeFasterHolderToken BFHT: App v.1.1.8 Release

Version 1.1.8 is currently being tested by our #brave100. Looks like this version will very soon be available for you in the Google Play Store. Check out our website ‼️ look forward to new features

HashBit HBIT: HashBit Smart Chain

Proof of Authority (POA), 100,000 TPS, Smart Contracts. It will be launched very soon and will be released with the Bridge #BEP20<>#HBITSmartChain!

Walken WLKN: Walken Runner Launch
SafeZone [OLD] SAFEZONE: Listing on CoinTiger

CoinTigerNewListing SAFEZONE/USDT will be available on CoinTiger soon Contract Address: Official website:

Kryptomon KMON: Listing on MEXC
Betterment Digital BEMD: Listing on LATOKEN

LATOKEN will be the 3rd largest among the exchanges where Betterment Digital is listed

Bomb Money BOMB: BOMB Evolution NFT Drop

BOMB Chain and Mobile App launch dates announced. Be the first to find out when our revolutionary app and blockchain will launch:

Thursday, 1st of December

DigiByte DGB: New DGB/USDC Trading Pair on LCX Exchange
Prime Numbers PRNT: Minting NFT
Step.App - FITFI: STEP APP CONFERENCE in Tokyo, Japan

Join the Step App team and their global ambassador Usain Bolt as they host the first ever STEP APP CONFERENCE to celebrate the launch of their highly anticipated move-to-earn App in Tokyo, Japan.

Friday, 2nd of December

Ethernity Chain ERN: Lionel Messi NFT

Saturday, 3rd of December

Sunday, 4th of December

WhiteBIT WBT: Marathon Trinidad Alfonso in Valencia, Spain

This year WhiteBIT partnered with Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso.

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