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RE: Big Growth For LEO Finance & Hive Requires Education & Feeding Imaginations

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I hope that marketing approach isn't just like, for lack of a better term, generic brand influencers, smiling and saying happy things about money...

Ugh. Why do I even post comments like this...


Well, yeah, I hope that the expensive marketing company doesn't just hire Jerry - it's an understandable fear, given the group trauma we share in our past. lol
In terms of converting 'leads' into new users.. All new users have some benefit as they can all in turn bring on board other users - but clearly there are some who are more valuable to the network than others. Highly targeted marketing needs to define the brand identity and who it's target audience is - then devise strategy based on maths and research. I have no idea if Ignite are taking this more holistic approach or not. We shall see.

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Yeah, see, that's funny you mention it. I said generic brand Jerry's first, then changed it to something a little more politically correct...

We shall see. The waiting game is kind of awkward.

And yes, targeted marketing. I'm familiar. It's like when I mention or suggest we should attempt to attract consumers who'd be interested in staking just to come and entertain themselves, plus earn on the side, for having fun. Then I'm met with, "Investors don't want to do that though."

It's like, yeah, I'm not talking about investors. I'm talking about that market blah blah blah, and it gets so annoying.

Investors don't generally want to invest in an inflationary token either, so imo there needs to be a deeper awareness that Hive's value is in SOCIAL activities. If investors see others coming in and staking for the coin's utility value, then they can see potential for growth in it's use. Hive is quite a complicated concept and it's way too common for people to just consider a piece of it or a particular perspective of investment/business and to then make the mistake of thinking that their view is all there is.

Even trying to judge all people with money to invest as being the same is clearly a limiting approach.

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Yeah. Pitch an idea in a decentralized world and it's met with a centralized mindset. Consumers, who do spend a lot of money supporting content online and often get ripped off, could easily become investors here, even though their role is not 'investor'. But if 'investors' see consumers pouring disposable income into a product, then yes, there's their reason to invest.