DWD - DRUGWARS Dollars Up 350 %

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Do you have a few Million DWD, Drugwars Dollars over on Drugwars.io ?

It popped 350 % today so you may have a few thousand dollars over there collecting dust.

Steem-Engine : https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=DWD

Go see ... https://drugwars.io/





interesting. i thought this game was dead

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Lots of Hive people still playing ....

Nobody else seems to care. Oh well. Too bad.

All this time playing I have like 200 dwd bucks, lol!

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Ha ha .... yeah. They add up slowly. But I see on the Drugwars leader board a lot of familiar names.

Still too low for a game of this caliber.

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I’m sure it will soon be much higher.