You can now trade your Blurt tokens for Hive on or

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Did you know that you probably have thousands of $$$ Blurt tokens over on Https:// ? Blurt was yet another Fork of that happened back in May 2020

If you had a Steemit blog you were also given a Free Blurt blog along with an Airdrop of Blurt tokens Equivalent to whatever Steem tokens you had over on Steemit back in March.

So you can trade those Blurt tokens for Hive on Https:// or Https://

1 Blurt Token is equal to .044 Hive at the moment. If you have 1,000 Blurt that’s is 44 Hive tokens. Not bad for Free eh !

Seeing the wLEO is now connected to Ethereum, I guess that means Blurt is too ?





Ok cool. That is interesting. I appreciate you sharing this.

You can earn 100% daytrading Blurt for Hive on Hive-Engine. Tons of movement ... from .038 to .068 in a few hours. I went from 6,000 Blurt ($60) to 37,000 ($370) in a few weeks. Also earning 1,000 Blurt ($10) per post over there with the correct #hashtags .... #blurtlife #blurtography #blurtart etc etc

They have any system to post videos ?

One is in development .... in the mean time Everyone is posting their Original Blurt Videos on Youtube with #blurt #blurtart #blurtfilm tags and embedding in their Blurt posts. #blurtart and other Hashtags are trending on Youtube.

Blurt is for the masses .... getting people from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter to join. Not closed bubbles like Dtube, DLive, etc etc ...

So in your opinion, is Blurt better than Hive ? Any comparison in terms of different features / upvotes etc ?

Happy to be reading this

LEO is expanding like crazy. This is is great news. Go LEO Go !

I have around 10k blurt but I don't feel like selling it at such a low price lol I am hoping that community makes a good go of it so I can sell it to them at a premium.

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Yes. The Blurt Developers are super busy. Big plans in the works. Blurt will soon be $1 USD

Is there a place to see the roadmap? What feature are you most excited about?

How do I get blurt into hive-engine?

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Go to Https:// wallet.... transfer Your liquid Blurt to @blurtlink with your Hive Username in memo. I just did some to make sure it works. But I am earning $10 per post on my Blurt posts versus 50 cents or less here on Hive. I’m not sure what happened with a Hive. Oh well....

Yeah you told me about it. Other than blurt rides, which other topics are trending there?

You were earning very well on Hive. I think your regular whale auto-voters just dropped you. Happens all the time. They keep changing who they vote on.

I've never received large auto-votes to begin with. My largest voters have always been manual curators since the EIP. Before that, I was on the @ocdb whitelist for nine months.

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Yeah. Anyway. I’m liking the positive people over on Blurt.

I have been selling mine. You can get BLURT into Hive Engine by sending it to the blurtlink account. I did it via Ionomy before, but this is easier.

Awesome .... it is Super easy to sell and buy Blurt on Hive-Engine and .... it moves around a lot so you can easily make 100 % Return in 1 day. I sold some at .07 and then bought it back at .03 .... and Sold again at .07 .... all in one day.

I can see you do well from multiple posts per day. It seems the bigger accounts do not even care if you self-vote and they cannot downvote you. Do you think that will last? I guess if people buy up enough BLURT it could gain value. Do you think it is sustainable?

I do not really want to spend more time on social media even if I could earn something. I may put the odd post on Blurt to see how it goes.


Yeah I think Blurt will go to $1 and much higher. People choose where to spend their time online. Most people are still on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. Our time is very valuable. It’s Better to spend time with our families during these difficult times.

We shall see. Getting people off the big sites and onto something that pays has not proved to be that simple so far. I think the size of the audience and the quality of the content are vital and related. You have to reach some critical mass where it becomes viable, but it is a mystery how to get there it seems :)

Agreed. Steemit and Hive were way too complicated for average people to Join. I tried with over 200,000 people in my Offgrid Facebook Group. I got 1 to join back on and Zero joined Hive. An easy 1 click to join app on Blurt will change all that.

But Blurt works on the same principles as Hive. Hive Onboard makes it pretty easy to get an account and I have created them for people with account tickets I claimed. They just need decent tutorials to get started. Unless Blurt has a good development team to create extra tools it will struggle as St++m and Hive have done.

Yeah. Steemit and Hive were way too complicated for most people. I tried to get family and friends to join. They all quit. After spending hours and hours writing blog posts, creating original artwork and music and getting no engagement whatsoever.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

What is blurtlink account ?

This is. It is like that allows you to move funds between St++m and Hive. They take a 1% fee, but very quick and easy.

So, it will send it to Hive ( equivalent amount of Hive ), I will go through the details. Yet to start power down, but I can experiment with what I have.

One issue can be that it costs some BLURT to start a power down and some people have none liquid. It looks like you have plenty. You could try a small transfer to see how it goes. Note that it goes to Hive Engine and not directly to your Hive wallet.

Yeah... super easy to send Blurt to Hive-Engine and Trade there.

Thank you very much for this interesting information, I have already won some Blurt tokens, so I can start making transactions. Thanks again

Not bad at all my friend ...!
Thanks for sharing :)))

Ah i am hoping the blurt peeps that want to leave STEEM and HIVE can now finally secure the stake they need easier and users of other chains can sell their BLURT easier, will be interesting to see how the price matches up as STEEM and HIVE pretty much sit in the same range

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How do you deposit Blurt to Hive-Engine from Blurt wallet? Is it integrated in the deposit feature from Hive-Engine?

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